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  1. Muf


    2019 goals:
    - be in a stable relationship
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  2. Jii


    -breaking Ti 500 torikan
    -TAP master GM
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  3. Oh, thanks for the info!
  4. Hey now, you can have both!
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  5. - attending and organizing some events
    - Doubles clear with HCT sub 5min
    - TAP Master clear sub 9:45
    - TAP Death 5 Games 2000 levels
    - and as I got now a Pal NES machine I add 350k in Classic Tetris :)
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  6. Year end goal #2 is history! I just need a doubling of less lines...and I've potentially got my max out.

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  7. Goals (on NES):
    • Score 700k in 2018
    • Reach 350k lvl 19 start (got around 250k twice and some other 200k games)
    • Maxout in 2019
    Others :
    • Buy a Game boy +Tetris
    • Score 600k on it
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  8. My New Years goal is to get more comfortable with 20g play so that I can make it through the 300-500 level wall in TI. Hoping to improve enough to up my qualified rank into the low digits.
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  9. Personal Goals:
    -Level 29


    -Death M

    -pretty much gm as a long term goal
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  10. Year End Goal #3 : completed!

  11. K


    2019 Goal : TGM1 Sub 9
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  12. I scored my first level 19 Tetris on NES today, which is my 4th day adjusting to the game, the Goofy Foot controller, and hypertapping, so I'd say it's going well so far...
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  13. Accomplished my TAP Master S7 goal in Shiromino:

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  14. First goal achieved : 700k
    Now lvl 19 only til I get 350k at least.
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  15. Second goal completed !
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  16. Better late than never... TGM1 20G GM in Shiromino!

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