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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Raul1138, 23 Oct 2018.

  1. So, we're getting on near the end of 2018 and having just gotten my first 600k, it seems to be the perfect time to think about some year end goals...So I did that. Lol

    1. Another 600k.
    -It doesn't have to be a PB. Any 600k will do.
    -My reasoning being that my current PB of 613k is so low that any 600k will be close.
    -Repeating a 600k is important.

    2. 200k on a 19 start.
    - Current PB 199992.
    - A very reasonable increase in PB.
    - I chose an increase to my score on 19 as opposed to a longevity goal, as my PB run was a transition out of 19. Taking it 22. Which was a first for me.

    3. Reach level 29.
    - Current best is a level 27.
    - If I want to maxout, my best chances are in being able to take it to the Killscreen.

    I would say that goal #3 is the most important in my Tetris journey. If I can't killscreen, I'm then just relying on the odds of getting a really efficient game. This seems foolish. Then #2 with secondary importance. Lastly, #1 with tertiary importance.Thoughts? Opinions?

    Anyone else have some year end goals? Post them up!

    May your long bars be on time!

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  2. Terror Instinct Grand Master. If not this year then the next year.

    I also think it's time to change my ways of thinking regarding this entire game series :

    I'd like to be a good competitor in Guideline Tetris for 2019! I think it's time to keep TGM burning through the ideas and activities of other communities. Not so long ago I joined a discord server and talked... there was a French TGM player in there and I had never heard of him until then! Big world smol world (probably the correct saying.)

    The other notable games I'll definitely try more seriously will be Shiromino Pentomino and NES Tetris. There's also... so many other Tetris games worth playing :)
    • TAP Master Gm
    • Ti Master MO
    • write a tetris-fighting-game clone with wacky characters and cheating A.I. :sneaky:
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  3. M
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  4. And here I was worried my post was too curt :V
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  5. @Qlex For sure! I just got my hands on a half dozen off beat Tetris games. They are wildly different than NEStris. Lol. I can't wait to start experimenting with the TGM series. Part of me thought about getting a legit PCB and go that route, but part of me thinks that trying it on MAME would be the cost effective route. Especially if I discover that TGM isn't for me.

    @steadshot Hunting for the GM ranks. I dig it!

    @Oliver Does that mean "Master" rank in one of the TGM games?
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  6. tap master, ya
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  7. Right on! I'm almost completely ignorant when it comes to TGM. I'm working on becoming more versed in the esoteric lexicon that's used in the TGM universe.
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  8. Death GM.

    I took a few steps back from TGM over the summer and spent a lot more time riding my bike, but I haven't stopped playing. Now that the colder weather is rolling in, I'm hoping to devote a lot more time to TGM.

    @Raul1138 Almost anything you'll ever need to know about TGM is in the original AGDQ 2015 VOD.
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  9. Death GM before @JBroms :p Once I do that an M in TI master would be nice.
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  10. Death M. That's the only think which is reachable imo.
    A sub-8:45 TAP Master run would be cool, M would be awesome.
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  11. My main goal is somewhat nebulous - get faster/better. Basically I want to get TAP Master M. Improving my Death pb would be good too. I really just need to play more often. I also want to start reviewing my games on stream.
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  12. @JBroms Awesome Awesome! I'll give it a watch! Thank you!
  13. Already posted most of this stuff in another thread about a year ago but...

    -Lower the CCST Story mode (Easy) WR to Sub-11:40 at least. Sub-11:30 would be great though.
    -CCST Story mode (Normal) Sub-16.
    -CCST routing + 'decent' runs for both NG+ categories.
    -PAL NEStris 500k (or catch up with my PAL PB on NTSC.)
    -TGM1 sub-11 GM.
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  14. Got my second 600k and it was even a PB at 632k!
  15. I basically only played TGM1 in 2018. I'm aiming for a more diverse 2019.

    Things I want:
    Sub-10 TGM1
    TAP Master M
    NES hypertapping proficiency
    Maybe Death M?
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  16. By 2019, I want to accomplish:
    - TGM1 20G GM (Shiromino)
    - TAP Master S7 (Shiromino)
    - TAP Death M (Shiromino)
    - Ti Master qualified S5 (NullpoMino)
    - Ti Shirase reach torikan (Shiromino)

    I'm keeping these rather feasible since it's 2019 in under two months now.
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  17. L̶i̶f̶e̶ Tetris Goals 2019:
    -Reach 999 on Ti Master (I'm very close)
    -Break that damn LV500 Torikan from TI Shirase
    -Play TAP more (I suck on TAP, I'm guessing because the I wallkicks or something, the thing is that I can't spin it)
    -Ti Master qualify to atleast M1

    I dunno I guess that's all
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  18. I totally get it. Something about, "Throw your life away, for Tetris."?
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  19. In TAP the I has neither wall nor floor kicks, they were only introduced in Ti; floor kicks being the thing that makes using the I piece very easy in Ti.
    The case study in this chapter explains when spinning the I piece works and when it doesn't in TGM/TAP.
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