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    Yup dudes, here is a small application i created for android for learning TGM tetramino sound. If you already tried the version i linked on IRC, here is the final one : (crap sources)

    Updates v1.1 :
    - changed square block button with exact TGM tetramino shape (more logical).
    - at time up display the sound actual next history"
    - locked to "portrait" view
    - fixed stupid stuff

    here is how it works :

    1 timer bar (not visible on screenshot), press here to start/stop game.
    2 text result for total/miss count
    3 TGM3 tetaminos positions (stylised). the bottom one is supposed to be the active piece (the one you control during real game)

    4 Test sound / bag randomiser
    when not playing, turn orange when activated, allow you to test sound, and activate/desactivate pieces in randomiser bag.
    5 determine wich piece position is supposed to make sound :
    - A : only the active piece make sound (default), like an easy mode
    - N1 : the very next piece is playing sound (normal TGM behavior)
    - N2 : the second next piece is making sound, more buffer = more harder
    - n3 : i guess you got it, even if no TGM game behave like this (but who know)

    v1.0 [​IMG] v1.1 [​IMG]

    ps : there are lot of stuff that could be improved but it works... (like preventing the interface turning to shit when you turn the smartPhone:facepalm:
    oh btw there is "kind of" TAP history randomizer..
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  2. This looks very cool. I would try something like this if there were a PC or ipod compatible version.
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    small updates, see first post. :V
    ok it's bad to use copyrighted material but i don't think i'll get a cease an desist for 7 non moving tetramino shape and corresponding SFX :facepalm:
  4. exactly the app i was searching ! :o but i haven't any android platform...:oops:

    is there any version for windows ? or a soundpack (in .mp3 or in .wav) i could DL somewhere to help ? :hmm:
  5. Can you explain what this does to someone who doesn't know what TGM is? :$
  6. Tried it, but for some reason, the "active piece" mode made a lot more intuitive sense, in that the TGM games don't play an entry sound for the very first piece when you start the game.

    Also taught me that for all these years playing TGM, I still mix up the sounds.
  7. @Blockman: In addition to the piece preview display, the Tetris: The Grand Master series has audible cues as well. This application tests your ability to match the sounds to the associated pieces.
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    sorry it's only android

    my best so far is 82/82 with N1 (normal TGM behavior), but i can't play more than 5 five min long because just brainwashing:V
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    BTW: this application will certainly NOT enhance your performance in normal game

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