Tournament: The 1st Annual Texathlon

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  1. The issue with the Sudden scoring system is that you get 0 points if you're not an M. (i.e you can't get to 500). All you need to do is figure out how to make that not true.

    As for an infinite mode, I wasn't aware Texmaster could even do that. But Sudden Ti 0 is indefinitely survivable by most people who play Ti, and I'm sure Sudden 0 is indefinitely survivable by most people who play Tap. Who do you want to appeal to? ;)
  2. To get Infinite mode, choose any game mode that you can change the level it starts at(anyone except Novice and Doubles) and at the level select screen, press left(or right) ONCE(or any odd numbered amount of times) then choose any level except Level 0. Sometimes it works, if it doesn't, it should work next time if you don't press left(or right). I think we should go Sudden Ti Level 100 for the event.
    As for Sudden Mode(Time Attack), I will change it. Problem is, I can't think of any scoring system, because every other event has a unique scoring system, and I think we already have enough "Score Attack"s in the tournament. I'll let you decide.
    And one more thing: I think it would be a good idea for me to post the top 3 players' videos in each event to a video of mine. If you would like me to do so, please say so. If not, then don't worry about it.
    For example, say Amnesia came first, then Kevin, then Ai(I just chose some random competitors names). I would put their game videos into one BIG video of mine, to see how well the best players did. And yes, I would give credit. Afterwards, I would show the standings for the every player's scores in the event, not just the Top 3. So, if you would like your video in my Top 3 videos, say so in the comments! If not, don't worry about it, I won't put any of your videos into mine. You can have it changed at any time.
    *end gigantic post*
  3. Sorry for not updating. The tournament WILL start this weekend.
  4. I might probably be in, but you're going to have to centralize the rules and guidelines into one post so that we can understand things clearly (or re-link some site where you have already done so, preferably in the first post....i know i know i shouldn't be so lazy as to not search through 3 pages of posts, but...)
  5. Ai


    I agree with DDRKirby(ISQ).

    So if I'm not mistaken the first challenge will be Novice score attack and participants will have to post their best game from Saturday or Sunday? Good luck everyone! ^^
  6. Hurrah, 4 pages!
    Anyway, yes, you will play your game TOMORROW, it must be from tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
    You will submit a vid or screenshot(preferably vid) onto the thread that goes with the event. I will create the thread tomorrow. Do NOT post the game on this thread!
    I will also put up a YouTube video on my channel(Linepiece777) that shows the leaderboards. Don't expect it to be instant, it'll take an hour at least.
    If you have not signed up, you can still sign up in the middle of the tournament. While this is not recommended, I can have more people join, so it's not too late!
    Also, Sudden Ti(Infinite Survival) is replacing Doubles mode, and I've changed the rules for Sudden Mode(Time Attack) so it's now Sudden Mode(Level Attack).
  7. Infinite mode can't be an event. I just played a practice game because I knew I'd score a boat load of points from just that event.

    After about ten minutes, the next piece previews disappeared, and when the current piece locked it glitched everywhere. Then glitched pieces kept locking until the program closed itself. I guess other people should try it before we get rid of the event, but I'd imagine it's a repeatable thing.

    Considering I scored 600 points for time alone (didn't have the f8 thing up to guesstimate how much I would have got with the lines cleared), it also has pretty broken scoring, I think.

    Edit: Found another bug with texmaster too. Press f8 on the replay screen. Minor, but eh.

    Edit 2: Okay. So I just played a 14 minute game and it didn't happen again. I know I'm not crazy, though. I didn't imagine it when it happened the first time. Also, f8 doesn't count Tetrises, singles etc in infinite mode so keeping score would be very difficult.
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