Tournament: The 1st Annual Texathlon

Thread in 'Competition' started by Linepiece777, 26 Sep 2011.

  1. If you click the links at the bottom of the event list here:

    It'll show you how each event is scored. Here's Special Ti:

    Here's doubles:

    Apparently, we are to play it alone. I didn't even think twice about that being an odd event. Shows I don't play close attention. Good lookin' out. I suppose I'd be willing to try it, though...
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    It looks very entertaining and motivating, original to not just follow the classical ranking rules.
    Are you sure Linepiece that your system is fair ? have you tried to calculate some simulations to see if the score will be coherent and logical ?
    Like is it possible that a clean and fast M destroy a rubbish and slow MM ?

    and most important, will we check every scores in detail for everybody at the end ?

    EDIT :

    That would sound more fair if time was considered, for example a bonus for seconds under 8.45, that way a very fast M rank could beat a slow GM rank ;)
    I just want to defend my case..:facepalm:

    EDIT 2 :

    linepiece you should make a nice first page with a huge title, some colors, the link for the list of players/events. Because for now if someone come he can just think that nothing is ready. Make it more attractive ! O_O

    EDIT 3 :

    I really dont want you to hate me, I just wish your contest to be perfect. But I cant prevent myself to have a reaction here as well :

    It is nearly impossible for everybody here to get the GM rank. Only kitaru was one time at one tetrimino to make it (see his avatar)
    A good reward for this GM would be 200 points and not only 30..
    But I think you can focus on a more variable scale of points for the 18 first row (until S9), with something like :

    Ofcourse you can ignore me and apply your rules, because it is sure that a perfect solution which makes everybody happy doesn´t exist. And it is your contest, your initiative, not mine. But I trust in my knowledge of the game and I think my few ideas are not stupid.
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  3. Count me for the Regular Leaderboard...

    But let me see if I understood the full event...
    Every player MUST play all modes with the best play on every game mode? Am I right?
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Yes :twisted::twisted::twisted:

    every game mode....
  5. Sorry for not updating.
    Anyway, Multi-Quote...
    *imitating guy who says "Ready Go" at beginning of TGM game* Ready! Go!

    Is it a good thing to have a fast M beat a bad MM? I'm kinda confused...

    Yes, I will add up scores in detail and show all the steps of calculation in the scoring. Everyone will be able to see how everyone did.

  6. clincher and deepdorp, I don't see you around tetrisconcept often. Would you like to join the Amateur Leaderboards?
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    100 points for hitting Level 500
    150 points for hitting Level 750
    200 points for getting GM Grade
    If GM is obtained, score 5 points for every second left below 8:00.
    If credit roll is cleared, multiply score by 1.1x
    If I take the last DEATH GM max scoring of Kan, I should get this number of points :

    (100 + 150 + 200 + 89x5) x 1,1 = 985

    My best GM would be :

    (100 + 150 + 200 + 115x5) x 1,1 = 1128

    SQR best one :

    100 + 150 + 200 + 168x5 = 1290

    Or should I not cumulate the 500, 750 and GM hit ?

    Don´t panic it is absolutly normal that I beat kan here, since we are talking about a time attack sudden mode and not scoring attack.
  8. You do cumulate the 500, 750, and GM bonuses. Also, what do you think of the Viz prizing? Do you like it? Well, here's something else to like about it:
    3 people clicked my referral link, so if we get a few more clicks, I will increase the prizes! And if you sign up with the referral link, the prizes will increase even MORE!
  9. Vizzed seems sketchy, and there are other sites that do the same without all the hassle.

    For instance. Sure there's no N64 or Genesis, but this isn't a forum that isn't emulation savvy enough to find what's needed for that. It's not a prize I'd claim, basically.

    Is it cool if we don't play a certain event? I will undoubtedly get zero in Sudden (Time Attack), and one less event to verify would be cool with me.
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    If the points are cumulated at the end, you should still try to get some points everywhere. I am more worrying about the DOUBLE mode, I have only played that some years ago but I had 2 sticks !! today I still wonder how I will set my configuration to play both sides. P1 keyboard and P2 stick I think..:(

    EDIT : how can we check if we have not played it being two players ? :rolleyes:

    Sure, only if you explain very well how to use this :)
  11. Ai


    A few questions for Linepiece777:

    • When do you plan to start the tournament? Are you aiming for a certain amount of participants before you deem the tournament worth it?
    • What's the schedule you have in mind for the events? One event a week?
    • I didn't have a look at the scoring system yet, but I hope it's well balanced and encourages players to do their best in each mode. Will the most consistent player win or will the more difficult challenges decide who becomes champion?
    • Is it really necessary to make a distinction between amateur and regular leaderboards? I have no or very little experience with half of the events listed so I could well be considered an amateur.

    Anyway good luck with the tourney! ^^
  12. Yeah, I think it is fine to just have one board. I think splitting things up would have more of an effect on player experience if it were a Versus event, as it'd be pretty harsh to get eliminated by beasts like Blink or HeboMAI right off the bat and not have another opportunity to participate.

    It's tough to draft criteria for the Amateur board here. Some of the members that may not participate as heavily on the forum may still be skilled players or active participants in the chats. For example, clincher is probably capable of earning Death M some time soon. :)
  13. I agree ;)
    Just one leaderboard would be the best... ;)
  14. I think Texmaster doesn't save replays for DOUBLES, at least my version (2009-v3) doesn't.
  15. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Having 10 contest in this texathlon is a great idea, but I would personnaly remove the double mode. It is too harsh for the question of setting, impossible to control if 2 players played or not. + this another peoblem of replay not saved...

    I would replace it by an old little contest we made in the past : TGM1 with less single possible. But once again, I am influencing rules in my favor ;)
  16. I visit the site very often, I just don't have much to offer most of the time. I do post my best runs, though. Having said that, I'm fine with either one

    I'm not sure if you're still having two boards; just thought I'd clarify.
  17. Yes, Texmaster definitely doesn't save replays for doubles. I think it's even worse than that though: I remember when me and imiganai were doing texmaster doubles the timer didn't even stop rolling when we hit 300/300...
  18. Gosh darn it, I haven't replied in forever. Sorry.
    OK, Huge update go!
    Doubles mode is out. I'll find something else to replace it.
    Amateur leaderboards are out.
    Viz prizing is still up.
    I plan on starting the tournament pretty soon, probably the weekend after this one.
    I MIGHT change the criteria for the Sudden mode scoring, because there are some people who might score ZERO for the event(I know I would, lol).
    Viz prizing has increased slightly.
    1st: 600 Viz
    2nd: 475 Viz
    3rd: 350 Viz
    4th: 225 Viz
    5th: 125 Viz
    6th: 60 Viz
    Lower than 6th: 40 Viz
    There was probably a whole crapload of other stuff that I was gonna say, but I just can't remember. Whatever.
  19. Ai


    Looking forward to compete in the tournament! No need to feel pressured to change anything. It's your tournament, you decide how it's organized. Good luck with everything. ^^
  20. *cue TGM1 Level 500-998 music*
    Y'know, I was thinking about an "Infinte"(don't ask about the spelling, that's how it's spelled in-game" Sudden game, where the Level counter dosen't go up at all, you just try to survive for as long as possible, or for points. Who thinks it's a good idea to replace that with Doubles? And if it's a good idea, should you compete for score, or survival time? And should it be played on Sudden or Sudden Ti? I want people's input here, so that everyone can enjoy it. Also, IF I change the scoring for Sudden(Time Attack), how should it be done? Or should it be kept the same? Anyway, by the looks of things, we've got a lot of competitors, and yet I STILL haven't updated the Texathlon page. Cripes.:facepalm:
    Whatever. Like I said, give some input, and I'll make some changes.
    *uncue music*

    EDIT: Updated the site. Let me know if you're not on the participant list.
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