Tournament: The 1st Annual Texathlon: Novice Mode(Score Attack)

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What music would you want on the YouTube Leaderboard?

Poll closed 30 Oct 2011.
  1. TGM1 0-499

    0 vote(s)
  2. TGM1 500-998

    0 vote(s)
  3. TAP Master 0-499

    0 vote(s)
  4. TAP Master 900-998

    0 vote(s)
  5. TAP Master Credit Roll

    1 vote(s)
  6. Ti/ACE Main Menu

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  7. Ti Master 0-499

    1 vote(s)
  8. Ti Easy Credit Roll

    4 vote(s)
  9. Other(post in thread)

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  10. None of the above

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. The tournament has started!
    The first event is: Novice Mode(Score Attack)!

    The objective of this event is simple: score as many points as possible!

    1 point for every 1000 in-game points
    If clear credit roll, multiply score by 1.05x.

    You must use Classic Rule(games using World Rule will not be accepted)
    No glitch abuse or cheating(if caught, you will be kicked out of the tournament)
    No TAS(if caught, you will be disqualified from the event)

    Other news:
    I'm working on the YouTube leaderboard, it'll be a while
    Due to possible glitches spotted by Kasumi, Sudden Ti(Infinite Survival) will be taken out. Thanks! What mode would you rater have?
  2. Hmm. Just thought of this, are we rounding up? Keeping the decimal point? What?

    315.714 without any rounding done on either operation. Can probably do better.

    I'll upload the texmaster sav at the end, unless it's required after each game for what you have planned on youtube.
  3. 1. I'll round to the nearest whole point. So, you would get 316 points.
    2. I don't know what the sav file would be for, I don't think I'd need it.
    3. Thanks for voting in the poll! My vote is: TAP Master Credit Roll. Now, believe me when I say this, but if I had the Ti Master/Shirase Credit Roll music, I would put that in the poll, for sure.
    4. You have until tomorrow at 11:55AM MST to cast your votes for the poll.
    5. We need ideas for game modes and rules to replace Sudden Ti Infinite. Please submit your ideas in this thread, or in the main thread!
  4. I love that song, but my favourite one is the 400-999 Ti Master, or the first Shirase song, the same :)

    About the records, what is the deadline time to submit records? I need to calculate comparing it with my local time :)

    About this event, for now this is my best one, scored a half hour ago :)
    Novice - 427800 pts. - 300 in 03:18:30
    If I get a highscore I'll edit this message...

    And thanks for organize this Texathlon events, it's gonna be very very usefull to me, to training more TGM1 and TAP.
  5. 1. Nahu, did you clear the credit roll? I need to know, because it affects your score if you did.
    2. I just realized; I put "Other" and "None of the above" in the poll. Because they both pretty much mean the same thing, by "Other" I mean "any other TGM song in the series" and "None of the above" means "No TGM songs".
    3. Nahu would score 428 points if he did not clear the credit roll, or 449 points if he did clear it.
  6. The Credit-Roll was cleared ;)
    I'm gonna upload the video, but I don't know if this going to be my best record...
  7. 417,413 points with credit roll cleared. best score for now. I will post video near the end of this round.

    thanks, steve.
  8. I never play this mode so give me some time. I will improve
    I cleared the credit roll
  9. deepdorp gets 438 points.
    clincher gets 464 points.
  10. Ai


    Not bad clincher. Play a few time attack games to improve your time. It should be closer to 03:30 like deepdorp. I played a little yesterday and will submit my best performance later today or tomorrow. I'm looking forward to more scores, especially from Kevin and Amnesia. ^^

  11. COL



    438k twice today!
    why don't you simply put texmaster tune?
    Last edited: 30 Oct 2011
  12. 415656 with roll.

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  13. 1. COL gets 461 points.
    2. billtstar gets 436 points.
    3. deepdorp's score is now 487(was previously 438, for an increase of 49 points).
    4. I MIGHT have used a Texmaster song, except I can't open the file.
    5. Poll ends in 75 minutes.
  14. Damn! I can`t score more points...
    I know that the best strategy is to make so many COmbos... But I don`t have any lucky while I stack... I wait for the I tetromino but the next pieces doesn't help so much :S
  15. You have until tomorrow to submit your records. And the music in the YouTube leaderboard will be the Ti Easy Credit Roll. It'll be about an hour, I'll let you know when it's done.
    EDIT: The video is currently uploading! Expect it to be done in 15 minutes or less! And sorry, the picture used for the leaderboard wad edited pretty crappily. Stupid Microsoft Paint and Windows Live Movie Maker.
    EDIT 2: It's done.
    Last edited: 30 Oct 2011
  16. What time tomorrow do I have until? My PC still can't run Texmaster, and I'm gonna just install a separate XP install that should fix the problem, so I can give it a shot tomorrow.
  17. Ai


    Below you can find in chronological order all the games with a score above 500k from this weekend. You can watch the replays by using the updated save file in my signature or you can use the following file which contains only the listed games.

    I played 2 sessions on both Saturday and Sunday each lasting between 30 and 40 minutes. The total amount of time played is certainly less than 3 hours. I was able to score over 500k 25 times. I wish I was able to obtain that many T.A. Death m grades in that amount of time. ^^'

    520552 03:04:73
    520902 03:12:48
    515829 03:15:13
    [B]562300 03:22:76[/B]
    545484 03:24:93
    511601 03:11:15
    506387 03:23:13
    500941 03:07:11
    501344 03:08:73
    549367 03:13:05
    530837 03:11:63
    [B]574522 03:10:31[/B]
    [COLOR="red"][B]591195 03:15:05[/B][/COLOR]
    510425 03:17:03
    516981 03:15:75
    548599 03:13:58
    527328 03:18:10
    510997 03:19:98
    510291 03:21:70
    511491 03:15:28
    [COLOR="red"][B]587416 03:16:88[/B][/COLOR]
    [COLOR="red"][B]589652 03:08:90[/B][/COLOR]
    [B]551728 03:16:61[/B]
    [B]566881 03:07:90[/B]
    541267 03:19:55
    In bold are the scores over 550k and highlighted in red is the top 3 of the weekend (ignoring my bravo game with a score over 600k this is now also my current top 3). In the best game the score is the numeral palindrome 591195. You can watch the video here. The game where I scored 587416 points could have been over 600k without bravo if I cleared a tetris instead of a triple at the end. In addition I waste a handful seconds waiting for I-pieces. I practiced using a lower 8 column which seems rather helpful. Now I need to play some TAP Normal for a score over 500000. ^^

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