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  1. Okay. Let's hope that they get the licence! I really want the fourth game just because I want to see KevinDDR get un-GM'd for no real reason. (Also because they need to nerf TGM3 ranking a bit.)
  2. That's.....not how that works....
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  3. Delete your account please.
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  4. Seems like a bit of an over-reaction? I took it to be clumsy wording meaning that you wouldn't be GM in the "current version" (TGM4) and would therefore have something big-feeling to strive for.

    Which I'm sure everyone would be excited about?
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    I'm still kicking myself & there was absolutely nothing I could do about it but it's just over 2 years since I missed out on playing TGM4 @Hey by 36hrs ...Osaka was dope though :) ..
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