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    snapping back when needed works fine for fighting games. no so fine for pinball or tetris.

    play a worst case game on real hardware with a CRT, like battletoads or the tyson fight in mike tyson's punch-out, and compare it vs a pc emulator. those are good lag tests.
  2. I really hope we have good news about TGM4 on February.
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    me too. i still want to know what happened to the english tgm3 that was talked about earlier
  4. What's happening in February?

  6. Backing this up, but also reality checking that if and when TGM4 happens it won't be released on Vista laptops with custom JAMMA hacks. I bet that TGM3 had negligible lag until they ported it to Type X and TGM4 could yet share that same fate.
  7. Let's hope they won't then
  8. Oh, I was so excited to hear about gsync and freesync until I saw it was just a fix to make games that can't keep up with vsync play without drawing twice, and that drawing twice is still a forced option by the graphics driver/card and not by the game.

    When will a PC ever be able to play without lag? The only PC I have ever seen that was lagfree was the original XBox, if you count that one as a PC. It runs with almost everything like a PC, with a modified Windows 2000 kernel, nVidia graphics drivers built-in, but no VGA though.

    Oh yea, and on-topic: TGM4 is great (I saw it on Youtube), hope it will be released soon!

  9. Anybody know what this says?
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  10. Oops, missed this one right before it:

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  11. Bump because I'd also really like to know. Google Translate is reasonably coherent but still less than clear.
  12. Translated by my friend who studied Japanese for 4 years:

    "We are looking for a solution with Ark System Works Co. Ltd for sales for over a year, but we do not reach an agreement for the conditions with the license. And so, it was proposed by Ark System Works Co. Ltd. the desire to start building the sales plan from scratch.
    We are very grateful for the cooperation of Ark System Works Co. Ltd until today.
    If the sales plan on the current site has to be rebuilt, we plan to continue marketing."

    Sorry if this translation isn't perfect, he originally translated it to French, here is the original translation:

    Nous cherchons une solution avec Ark System Works Co. Ltd pour les ventes depuis plus d'un an, mais nous n'arrivons pas à une ententes pour les conditions avec la license. Et donc, il a été proposé par Ark System Works Co. Ltd le désir de page blanche sur le plan de vente.
    Nous sommes très reconnaissant de la coopération de Ark System Works Co. Ltd jusqu'à aujourd'hui.
    Si le plan de vente sur le site actuel devient page blanche, nous envisageons de poursuivre la commercialisation.

    edit: The translation below by Shion seems to make much more sense.
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  13. Asked a native friend of mine for a translation: Here's what he gave me.

    "We have been managing to make a sales project. However, Ark System Works couldn't reach a consensus when it came to the licence, and they wanted to start over from scratch. [Arika] dropped the matter although they appreciated the cooperation with Ark System Works. [Arika] plans to go back to the drawing board and make a decision and continue working on commercialization."
  14. Minor correction, it's Arc System Works (known primarily for fighting games such as Guilty Gear).

    Regarding phrases such as "couldn't reach a consensus when it came to the licence" -- does this seem to be an issue in the process between Arika and ArcSys, or between Arika/ArcSys and The Tetris Company (the licensor for the Tetris trademark)?
  15. ArcSys, Aksys, they're all spelt too similarly.

    By the way he worded it originally (slightly corrected for the sake of easier interpretation), he did mention that ArcSys was having problems with the "licence company", so I'm going to assume he's referring to TTC.
  16. For what it's worth Google translate is using the word "licensor" which would mean TTC.
  17. Can anybody elaborate about the last couple of tweets?

  18. K


    TGM Serie got input from Mihara that there is a TV program called "MOYAMOYASAMA.." on air 4/30 6.30PM Using TGM images...
    the second tweet is Mihara saying that this program will display TGM images in "fair use" (and postprod "surely forgot" to display the compliance hashtag) so he officially stating that he is ok if they don't display the #TGM_Series hashtag on screen

    (but my japanese is broken :V)
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  19. Wait, so is TGM4 happening or not? I'm starting to be confused.
  20. The game is developed. It exists. The problem is that TTC needs to give out the license for Tetris to Arika and the publisher, and thus far, Arika has not found a publisher that has been able to agree to terms with TTC. They tried Arc System Works, but that didn't work. They are still trying to find a publisher, and once they find one that can agree with TTC's terms, they can move forward with actually releasing the game. Until then, Arika's stuck at the drawing board. They CANNOT release the game without TTC's licensing.
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