TGM3 PC version download (this is real one)

Thread in 'Discussion' started by farter, 14 Jul 2011.

  1. -Links removed by moderator-
    Tetris the Grand Master 3: Terror Instinct
    enjoy the real tetris game!


    i can only get m3 999 8min+ in master mode (SRS) :\

    errrrrrrr... it's just a huge collection of tetris games for fans...
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  2. You are now guilty of breaking the law, so are the people downloading the copyright protected files from those links. :)
  3. Posting links to download copyrighted materials on the forums is not okay.
  4. Is this real? I mean, i thought TI is arcade only.
    The links are down, BTW
    I will not download to play it, it is only curiousity
    EDIT: the links are up, it's my internet that sucks:p
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I have not seen the link but I bet this is this chinese version which has been recently dumped, the input lag here is horrible, like the really first version of LOst of 2007.
  6. :facepalm: so did you download it finally?
  7. Haha I can`t believe that you guys didn't know about this... It's too easy to find the game on the Net but this is not the right place to search my friends... :S
  8. what's up with you people and the law?
  9. I fought the law and the law won.
    I fought the law and the law won.
    *rest of the song that no one cares about here*
  10. Banning warez links is not an unusual practice for public forums. I don't think it is unreasonable for the administration to remove links to distribution channels in order to keep the site as a whole out of hot water. If you want to go find said material of your own accord, that's your prerogative.
  11. +1
  12. Muf


    You can discuss pirated Ti dumps and TGM/TAP ROMs, you can post screenshots of them, you can do pretty much anything you like, except turn this place into Is that such a big problem? Figuratively speaking, just snort your cocaine in the bathroom instead of in public, and nobody will mind.

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