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Thread in 'Research & Development' started by taitovlx, 30 Jan 2020.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a 'clean' dump of TGM3 and it behaves fine. I also have another dump of TGM3 and I noticed that the menu is slightly different. For example, on the 'clean' dump, when you normally enter your password and login the default option selected is "World Rule", but on the other version the default option selected is "Classic Rule". Additionally, the modified version also defaults to 'Master' mode being selected unlike the 'clean' dump. There might be other changes, but don't know enough about TGM3 to say.

    Anyone know the story behind this modded version?
  2. idk where you got it from lol, a community member made it & isnt massively fond of people sharing it around w/o him knowing
  3. Thanks for the info! Got it through a search. Seems odd that he wouldn't want people sharing it without him knowing.

    Are there any other difference in his version?
  4. this is assuming its the version im thinking of anyway, it has a hacky big shirase implementation and the option to remove world rule entirely as well as some alternate background settings and fun stuff like mroll trigger and single preview mode
  5. Thanks for the info! Sounds nice!

    Whoever made this mod, please share the goodies! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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  6. zid


    I don't care if people share it I just don't want people begging for supp- oh too late :p
  7. Thanks for creating something like that! Turns out I don't have it, since there is only one .cfg file in the folder, so whatever files I have looks like it's the modded menu only. Playing TGM1/TAP to improve, so it will probably be years before I move on to TGM3, so I'm not asking for the files either. If your distribution comes with a readme/faq/tutorial file, then people should not be coming looking for support.
  8. zid


    Pretty exemplary 0-100 there, in mere minutes we've gone from "I don't offer support" to "write documentation for it".
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  9. (・―・)
  10. Grave digging, but I'm really struggling to find the files in question. The QoL features sound too good to ignore.
    Does anyone here have a back up they're willing to share?
  11. zid


    You'll need a pre-modified game.exe though because I can't share that one here, idk, email?

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  12. yes please mate :)
    nier laika AT gmail DOT com
    (no spaces, ofc)

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