TGM3 Master 0-400 too slow?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by KevinDDR, 4 Feb 2015.

  1. Here's a video I recorded of my new Ti Master time attack (with M-Roll achieved) PB. For some reason my 0-400 is still 15 seconds or so slower than KAN's. Where's the time coming from?
  2. I think that KAN does shorten the time interval to make sure the piece gets to the far left or something. His rhythm seems a bit faster. Also, he pretty much never uses double tap. Everything goes in smoothly and immediately and it's always puzzling how he can do that.

    In any case, your run was pretty impressive! Good job :)
  3. from 180 to 200 and from 250 to 300 it doesn't look like you're sonic dropping as consistently as he is. Like Qlex said, he basically never does a double tap, to the extent that his stack is worse than yours, although it doesn't matter at such low levels. Other than that, like you said on stream a while ago, it's like every single mundane piece placement he does is frame perfect.
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  4. Kan uses hold to make faster moves aaaaall the time. That's pretty sick.
  5. GAP


    The strategy is to raise column 4&7 without double tap.
    By doing so, left wide 3, right wide 3. Perfect moves come by themselves.

    BTW, all pieces' initial gravity center is column 5 except the I piece.
    Therefore, the only perfect move to shift gravity center to column 7 is to "Right 1" the I piece.
    "Put I in column 7" often creates perfect fast moves in 0-400. PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION ON THIS MOVE.
    It's also the most efficient move to raise column 7.

    Other moves like "Square Left 1" has similiar effects.
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  6. GAP, your advice was spot on! Watch my latest Master video and you'll see that I tried to incorporate some of your advice, although my finesse wasn't great in that run.

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