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  1. I’m visiting Japan in December, and I’ve been practicing TGM3 on my PC for when I get the chance to play on a real TGM3 machine. However, I think I’ve been practicing with the wrong key bindings. I am hoping to try world rule and I have “m” set as counter-clockwise rotation, “,” set as clockwise rotation, and “.” set as hold, so I use my index, middle, and ring finger for the buttons, I’m wondering whether this is correct for world rule and, if it’s not, if there is a way to change the key bindings (maybe for the specific profile?). Thanks.
  2. Controls in world are:

    A (index): CW
    B (middle): CCW
    C (ring): CW
    D (thumb): Hold

    Classic is:
    A: CCW
    B: CW
    C: CCW
    D: Hold

    Unfortunately there's no way to change the controls in game on a real cabinet short of switching button wires inside the control panel.
  3. [​IMG]
    This is the button layout for TGM3 on an arcade stick, the red labels stand for Classic rule, the cyan ones for World rule (CW and CCW = clock- and counterclockwise rotation). So people generally use their thumb to hold pieces (for me it's Space on keyboard).

    Using the index finger for counter-clockwise is technically the wrong way if you rest your hand in the default position, but the simple fix is to move your hand over a bit to the right using the 2nd and 3rd rotation button. I've heard Japanese players who main Classic rule do that when they dabble in some SRS goodness. The downside is that you lose the 3rd rotation button (which people usually use for quick 180's, since pressing two buttons at once is quicker than pressing one button twice), but according to your bindings you don't use it anyway.
  4. Thanks for the replies!

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