TGM2+ playable at Gamecenter Arcade Street in Paris (France)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Olisan, 20 Jan 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Just to let you know that a TGM2+ PCB is playable on New Astro City in the basement of the Gamecenter "Arcade Street" in Paris (France).
    It's not my gamecenter but it's my PCB. Hope it works a little bit...
  2. Excellent! :) Nice to hear about more TGM locations around the globe. Hopefully someone local can go give it some play.

    Looking at the games list on their site, it looks like quite an impressive line-up! They have a very nice selection of fighters, shoot 'em ups, and even a couple music games. Having TGM2 among them just makes things all the sweeter -- thanks for making it available!
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    WTF !!!!!

    it is funny to think that 7 months ago I was living at 300-400m from there..:biggrin:

    How long will it stay there ?? in Jun I could probably make a stop !

    I think there was a TGM1 in Toulouse for a moment, so this could be the second time ever we have a TGM in France on a public place. There are strong possibilities that it produce the same wave of addiction that there was in Japan. That would be wonderfull that it get spread in France starting by your PCB. We would become some known stars , jago, me, cyberguile, COL, mfm, shoryu..
  4. Are you serious ?

    Moi qui hésitais à aller à Paris juste pour les danisens street 2x :)

    How much for one credit ?
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I see, so If I don't solve my current pb of consistency, a M rank will cost me 90€. :(
  6. COL


    je vais encore me ridiculiser devant tout le monde avec ce maudit stick, m'en fous, je jouerai à ddp.
  7. K


    WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. K


    A dude in Paris playing TGM2+ and owning the PCB but we didn't knew... why the fuck people are so shy !!
  9. Yeah, i was shy and not so good too.

    But there where two PCB!
    I bought one for me one and half a year at Sophia Corp. after searching it on arcade forum for past a year. And i bought another one for a friend of mine six months ago (at same place).

    Know two other good tgm players in Paris that are not here (maybe Yoshiki but not sure)...
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    We know Yoshiki, we have met him 2 times at STUNFEST X and XI.
    Who is the other ?
  11. K


    So yoshiki bought the game.... Hmmm
    We should organise à meeting !
    BTW is it sanwa ? 4 directions ?
  12. No, i bought one game for me and one for Guts27/Crabotobot (who was not here).
    Yoshiki play on Mac émulation like the other one who is Brice/Gonendo.
    Hope to see you on Stunfest, this year i come!

    I think it's sanwa but 8 directions.
  13. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Next STUNFEST for me will be in 2013..:(
    Too busy this year..
  14. Oh, it must be 4 directions. Could you ask the arcade staff to change the gates for you? :) It's a simple change; it should take no more than a minute once the panel is open:
  15. K


    Anybody ready to meet up over there for 1 or 2 days ???
    i'm in strasbourg, i don't like Paris that much but for TGM it is ok :p
    in TGV it only take 2.5 hours for me
  16. COL


    I'm coming of course.
  17. Depending if there's some Prem's tickets for the tgv.
    No problem for me going to paris (only 2 hours), but only if it costs me like 60 euros and not 200 :awe:
  18. Hello Guys !

    I heard about this TGM2+ PCB in Paris. That's a good news !
    I'm a little bit busy these days, but if a meeting is organize here, I will do my best to come.

    Ho just for clarification, I don't own the PCB. I just play on a PC with MAME. :oops:
    I didn't play for several weeks, but I came back to this game yesterday. :p

    I hope to see you soon. Here in Paris, or in Rennes for the Stunfest !
  19. COL


    I've made about 20 games today (master 20g mainly simply because finesse is easier in this mode).
    As far as i can say, everything seems to be okay (no weird bounce back effect on the stick, but I don't know anything about arcade hardware, I think we need some expert review but AFAIK everything is ok and problems come from me only).
    I still suck :(
    I still don't get it, why do people think it is better to play videogames with stick instead of pad or keyboard; I'm pissed off, I play poorly and misdrop every 10th tetromino :twisted:

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