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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. Why did I see that coming. Welp, gotta play again, I guess I did most of the job.
    Now time to learn how to play properly and make tetrises in 20G but not today please god have mercy for my soul if I still have one.
  2. Finally got below 11:00! Got 10:46:65.

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  3. just barely missed my first S9...
    w/e i'll take it
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  4. Finally, first GM
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  5. First time S9 and first completion!!!


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  6. The monitor panel on your Net City is...white. How did you accomplish this? Every one I've seen, including mine, is super yellowed.
  7. zid


    I can into grandmaster.
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  8. 13:25, that's a close cut - good job, zid :) I probably won't have time to practice TGM1 until the weekend, but I'll try to follow your lead as soon as possible. ;)
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  9. zid


    The rank was a close call too, not even 2000 points over.
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  10. upload_2016-6-8_17-0-1.png
    I don't think my brain could allow zid to be ahead of me in TGM1.
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  11. And nobody mentions the timing at level 300...
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  12. TGM is just handing out GMs now. It's like Oprah up in here
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  13. Thanks for noticing. I am not sure whether they restored it somehow or it was maintained that way. Mine originated (aside from Japan) from a guy who rebuilds them in Utah and was in a smoke-free kids arcade when I got it.
  14. tgm1 gm.jpg
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  15. Let's keep the new GM party going.

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  16. Muf


    Uuuh, Texmaster thread is that way.
  17. [​IMG]

    Nine fourty wishes, five star dishes
    I mean this shit is fucking ridiculous
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  18. GM @ 11:37:85

    I somehow set my TGM1 PB and TGM1 20G PB in the same day. With the same time, 11:37.
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  19. Set a new PB at the Seattle TGM party last night. 11:56:95

    Almost a year & a half to the day from when I started playing.

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