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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. 113623GM.png
    After what feels like an eternity I've finally made some progress. Only a ~2 second improvement, but an improvement none the less.
  2. Not that great compared to my Texmaster time (10:50:81) but it's something. Played on MAME.

    Edit: new Texmaster PB 11:08:10 -> 10:50:81

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  3. I imagine it's going to go down over the next couple of days, so I'm not going to cut the video yet, if it doesn't I will. But I got an 11:11:00 GM.
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  4. 9:36:13! Finally getting closer to my goal.
  5. K


    Forgot to post this here :V
    Amnesia didn't update the ranking since ages...

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  6. Jii


    0400.png 0424.png

    Last week got 9:51, now :41. Maybe I should seriously start recording these, only if my pc wasn't such a piece of crap.
  7. Got a nice run in that has about 5-6 pieces of level stop (mostly at just one section) keeping it shy of sub-10:30. Derp. But it's damn close to a tie with my 20G time now.

    GM at 10:31:85

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  8. Normal GM on the left and 20G on the right. Played on MAME.

    11:14:81.png 20g 11:26:21.png
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  9. After watching the European Masters I decided I might give TGM another shot after grinding TAP and got a PB on first try.
    There's still a lot of derp in there (especially awkwardG was terrible) but it's a Sub-11!
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  10. sub-10:30! Shaved off about 7 seconds to get 10:29:08. (video)

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  11. Got my PCB today along with a new PB! GM in 11:00:48
    Sorry about the blurry picture, I need to work out a way to capture it.

  12. Muf


    Wow. GNU avatar and signs games as RMS.
  13. Well my initials are RMS so what choice do I have.
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  14. 0065.png
    Honestly, at the end of this game I was thinking "how bad must I've played before when THIS is a PB".
    Loads of recovery in 20G, but I probably managed to keep the number of singles lower than before.
    But hey, a PB is a PB (and I know where to look for timesaves).

    EDIT: Looking at this a few hours later I might be a bit too harsh on myself. I often see what didn't work, but not what did. Anyways, there's still a lot to work on and I'm looking forward to it!
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  15. TGM1 PB from last night.. first time getting S4, level PB of 568, and also my second-ever BRAVO! Really happy with how it turned out:

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  16. K


    Sorry dudes, no video for that one... :V
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  17. Massive congrats!

    ... but, let's go better next time :awe: 9:0x is within reach!
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  18. 10:47:45
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  19. It's something. GM in 10:44:05
    10:44:05 IMG_20181024_123418.jpg

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