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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. Triple post for yet another PB, 9:55:70
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  2. Going to break your combo @TWF with a 11+. I can get a sub 11 though, there was a lot of singles in there, and my first half was pretty slow compared to other games I played in the same session.

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  3. K


    congrat TWF ! but what Kevin got a 9min23 ?!? wow i'm totally outOfTheLoop... can someone update that fucking ranking plz :D ? we definitely need a real ranking manager :\
  4. the spreadsheet is kept up to date, but yeah we need the leaderboards updating (Ti is like 2 years out, lol)
  5. ei



    (GM @ 9:57:58, done in the SGDQ practice room)
  6. 9:46!! No video unfortunately

  7. Way to go Zach! Now 2 players 1 controller record tomorrow!
  8. Yay, after a repeated series of 11:06~01~04 etc, I finally got through whatever weird 11 barrier was going on :D

    gm @ 10:53:90

    And it was still dirty, definitely some straightfoward gains to be had. I'll upload video at some point :D
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  9. I finally beat my 11:29:26 from 2012 (I think). It has been quite a challenge, TGM1 >.<

    Time: 11:25:61:

    I will try to upload the video when Twitch allows uploads, I get errors at the moment.

  10. GM in 9:19.35 attempting the hot new Kashiwa-style meta!
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  11. The best part of the new meta is that even if you botch it a bit in the first section, you still usually don't lose any time overall compared to the old meta. Easier to die, of course.

    Looking forward to the crazy explosion of new records!
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  12. You mean like this one?

    Not a great game either tbh. Plenty of room to improve this with my current skillset.
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  13. I once calculated the benefit of this strategy and came up with about 20xn frames saved, if n is the height of the blocking piece in the right column. So for Kevins run its 140 frames max. So maybe not even 100 as there were a lot of line clears done above the 7th row anyway. Seems to me the difference is neglible compared to the time differences in the leaderboard.

    Or did I miscalculate?
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    Congratulation ! But you should calm down :D
    Sub 9 is at your reach now :)
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  15. You save about 10 frames per Tetris AND you only have to clear 3 Tetrises for every 4 triples, so that's another 30 frames every four Tetrises. You also use it thru level 300, so even if you break even on 0-100, you should make up some time in the next two sections.

    Certainly it's only really useful if you play optimally the whole time, but it should add up to multiple seconds. Even at a rudimentary level, my 100-300 times have been faster, even if not my 0-100 times.
  16. Also with the proof of concept Kevin released, where he stacks individual tetrominos to achieve an early height helps a lot too.
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    I'm impressed by Kashiwa's Video.
    Actually Kashiwa did :V
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  19. I do not understand how you save 10 frames, if you block at line 7?!

    Why "AND"? A line can only by cleared by a Tetris OR a triple so you can only save time in respect to the Tetris OR the triple, and its about 7/4 frames for every line cleared.

    Still I cannot see this happening for any multiplier greater than 2. Its in the order of magnitude of one additional line clear per section.

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