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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Dark-Aries, 14 Mar 2017.

  1. I guess that's what I was I was hoping to get a pulse on. Would any US people come up in those months? Or should we just plan our own thing?
  2. So I have a friend in Guelph hosting an arcade meetup next Saturday (August 12th). He's got a similar setup to mine with a couple arcade cabinets. If Dark Aries or DeHackEd are interested let me know and I can give you details. I could bring TAP and anything else you are in the mood to play. For sure Driller G and Aqua Rush will be there.
  3. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Mark me down tentatively. Personally I'd prefer TGM/TAP but I'm willing to try other things.

    I'm coming down from a cold right now, hoping to be better by the weekend. If not I may cancel.
  4. I'm checking to make sure I'm 100% free (I'm like 75% sure atm) . I am down for more puzzle arcade games.
  5. Ok PM sent with details!
  6. hey DeHackEd, I hope you're feeling better. It'd be great to see you play again... for old times sake. :)
  7. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Sorry, I really haven't played Descent2 since high school. But you probably already knew that.
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  8. I'll say it.. "aarrrggghh." ;)
  9. I can work from toronto for a week now for work here and there! Can't wait. I need a jacket...
  10. Nice! Where do you normally work from?

    I’m in Oakville like once a week but otherwise Waterloo. Also have a friend in Oakville who has TAP + Blast City. Could maybe work something out there sometime.
  11. I usually live in SF. I'm planning to work from toronto for a week sometime in march
  12. Oh dang I was in SF in September!
    Let us know closer to the date and we can probably work something out. :)
  13. @colour_thief I'm in toronto this week until sunday afternoon, free any evening except thursday, staying around yonge and college. Are there any good arcade locations you recommend?
  14. Oh snap!

    My friend in Mississauga with a Blast City and TAP is in the middle of moving so that’s out.

    You’re right downtown but there haven’t been good arcades there in a long time. The closest is Playdium, but if you’re putting in that much effort it’s probably better to come to Waterloo.

    Are you free more than an evening? Spending a Saturday in Waterloo could be fun. I’ve got my cabs, and there’s a pretty good retro arcade called Arcade Bar with lots of pinball machines and whatnot. It’s a different city but only about a 90 minute bus ride from downtown.
  15. Canadian Tetris peeps. Would anybody be interested in a meetup at some point in May?
  16. I'd be down. I think the Discord would be a better place to organize things though.
  17. Muf


    That sounds highly doubtful.
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  18. Yeah I think I'm gonna keep to planning the event in the thread.
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  19. I'd totally be into this!

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