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  1. So I've been sitting on the TAP Manual, including the TAP upgrade insert since I bought my copy from YAJ. I also have some of the art for the game. I also got the art with my purchase of TGM. I've been meaning to scan these since getting home from SGDQ. I very clearly procrastinated. But on the bright side these are some pretty high quality scans. The TAP art is 1200 dpi. The TGM I believe is at least 600 but maybe bigger. I scanned it a long while back. If I need to rescan it just lemme know. These are huge files. Be warned. The manual is small enough to be a direct upload. The images shall be hosted onto some image host. Keep watch on this thread as I'll be uploading part by part. Also these are unedited. I would of cropped the TAP art but it's not that easy in simple scan and scanning at 12000 takes forever so in case I over cropped, didn't want to have to rescan.

    Is where the images will be hosted. They are huge so I can't direct link and don't trust image hosting sites to mangle it.

    The tall poster had to be broken into two scans, if I need to rescan the middle just lemme know.

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