TGM series block soundd effects ?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by deeden, 25 Mar 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    I yesterday thought about the sound effects that play when blocks spawn. As we all know every block has its unique sound.

    Why do you think this feature was implemented?

    Do you guys actively listen to the game sounds as another way of determining which block just spawned?

    I think for me it's only the visual part (color and shape) that let's me know which block is next. Maybe it helps me but only subconsciously?

    Would love to hear some thoughts on this.

    Happy Death Carnival everyone!
  2. Actually, the sounds correspond to the piece that appears in the next window. I assume it's to avoid having to glimpse up or use peripheral vision and instead only go from audio cues to maximize potential speed?

    I wouldn't really say it helps me per se but sometimes I find myself thinking "hey, that's the sound for the I-piece", but actually I just look at what shape is next really quickly.

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