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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Ray Ayanami, 12 Dec 2010.

  1. Got the day off approved today so I'll probably be joining you there. All I got to think of is where to go once I'm there (I'll probably take a bus to Nottingham/Derby then a train to London though I've never been to london before and I've heard their subways are extremely confusing.)
  2. pls pick me up
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  3. The underground isn't that bad, though if you're coming from East Midlands then you arguably won't need to use it. AFAIK both Nottingham and Derby trains to London terminate at either Kings Cross or Kings Cross St Pancras, and VEGA arcade is less than a mile's walk from either.

    Alternatively it's a single tube stop on the Northern line heading southbound.
  4. Hm, I had a one week travel to Berlin planned and it coincides with that weekend. I'll see what I can do but it's significantly reduces the chances of coming.
  5. Also shit lol totally didn't cross my mind to post here that I'm in Paris with Becca from this Thursday until Monday (as prophecised in this post). Haven't really worked out any sort of itinerary or when we'll be doing anything, but might be able to squeeze a visit to Arcade Street given the website suggests it's open into the evening, and assuming they still have TAP. Or maybe just grab a lunch or coffee or something with any Paris peeps that are free?
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  6. Possibly on Sunday, but not sure. I'll try and remember this!
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  8. 10kr for a game that will kill most people within seconds? Man, that's harsh :D
  9. I agree it's harsh. Personally I think it'd be more economically smart for them to have 2 credits for 10 SEK at least for the candycab games that are very hard (most of them...), I think it'd make people more OK with buying more credits to try more, instead of them giving up early because it's too expensive to try again. But for some reason it can't be done I've been told. I'm not sure why (and the rest of this reply are just speculations). Might have something to do with that a financial auditor wouldn't accept a company to take that little money per credits, or something with the weird "gambling machine" laws from the 80's that are so outdated it's embarrassing. Those also makes stores have to get a permit, and pay extra fees and taxes because they have such machines... #Sweden
  10. You are not alone.
  11. Same laws exist here, but I've yet to hear anyone who put up arcade machines getting in trouble over it. I'm pretty sure no one pay the fees, and no one gets in trouble over it because everyone knows the rules are misguided and don't make any sense in the case of amusement machines.

    I'm pretty sure they could set a price of 5 or 2kr easily, and still make the same revenue. People would be much more likely to pump five 2'ers into a cabinet that keeps killing them, than a single 10 into a game they don't know if they are able to play. It would also have the added affect of making the location much more active and build a solid community around it if one doesn't already exist.
  12. A pity Canada's got next to nothing. Then again, travel 'round here is a bit tougher. x:

    I'll poke around with the more travel-savvy folks to see if they can spot any of the TGM cabs. If I get no luck, then I have an expensive endeavour ahead of me.
  13. If anyone's in the Las Vegas area, I recently bought a TGM1 board and my friend/roommate has a cabinet it can go into for a while at an arcade in town.

    • Flipperspiel Underground -
    • 6000 S Eastern Ave. #4D, Las Vegas, NV 89119
    • $10 a day or $40 per month, the machine itself is free-play
    • TGM1 in a stand-up Street Fighter 2 cabinet
    • Probably not the best buttons or sticks for TGM, but hey
    • TGM is not normally in this machine but if you give us some advance warning we can swap it in. Hit me on Twitter to confirm! If it's active enough (not likely) it might remain in more often.
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  14. Arcade Street in Paris is supposed to close on October 10th, so I guess it's one less of the list :\
  15. On the bright side, someone might be able to scoop up that board for cheap.
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  16. Please, it's France. That shit is gonna go for like $1500 and sit in some dude's climate controlled basement never to see 5 volts again.
  17. In their closure notice they say their lease expired and they expect to reboot the business in a new location.
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  18. Lot of people asked them for details about that on their facebook and twitter. They've been very evasive on the matter for the moment... So for now I'm not that optimistic.
    If there will be certainty they will reopen (with the address of their new location, etc ), I will keep you posted of course ;)
  19. If it goes for $1500 that would be a pretty good investment for the future....
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  20. Nah, the 8 TGM1s I'm picking up for the same price are a better investment. ;)

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