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Thread in 'Hardware' started by Melinda, 3 Feb 2015.

  1. Hello All, Long time no see.

    Long story short, sophia-corp has a TGM pcb for sale and I'm interested in buying.

    I got really excited about tetris again when I saw a lot of the more active members on AGDQ showing off their skills. KevinDDR being so close to GM and then finally getting it a few days ago blew my mind.

    Anyways I was wondering what super gun I should buy / build to work with TGM since it has a funny refresh rate.
    It has to work with either a 9 inch tube TV, or a 2ms response rate LCD monitor, or a regular LCD TV. I want a regular arcade monitor but I can't afford or acquire one.

    From what I understand I need
    • ATX power supply (no problem)
    • Jamma harness (no problem can add it to PCB order)
    • Sanwa JFL and 30mm buttons (already have)
    • Other stuff?
  2. Muf


    Before we go any further, have you looked on Craigslist for a cheap Sony PVM monitor? It would greatly simplify your setup (and the picture is gorgeous).
  3. depending on the advantages, I can pick one up for about 300 bucks (but almost would rather not; but I'm open to it)

    I'm guessing these will accept the signal without NTSC encoding?
  4. This is what basically turns me off of making a stand-alone tgm/ tap setup, the cost somehow always skyrockets to nearly 1000 dollars when all said and done
  5. actually if I look a bit out of my town the prices for monitors are closer to 100 dollars so I think I could reason with him pretty easily
  6. Wow, I'd buy a PVM for $100 on the spot, no stopping to think.
  7. even a 13-14 inch? good to know....
  8. I'd be scoping those $50 or free pick-up listings, but it depends on what is in your area. I guess $100 doesn't sound too bad either. Of course, once you start looking at $300, it would clearly be more cost-effective to get a JROK or something else to encode NTSC signal.
  9. I would be willing to drop the 80ish dollars on a JROK if it lets me use my old tube tv or an lcd (I'm aware of the lag but can deal with it for now.) until I move out of my girlfriends parents place and get an arcade room going.

    I am just curious if the ntsc encoding process will affect the game play, introduce more display lag slow down the refresh, ect since the whole not exactly 60 hz thing
  10. No, I don't believe there is any lag introduced in the process. It'll handle the funky video signal as well. Play on your old CRT and you should be golden.

    I think another alternative would be getting a Gonbes 8220 or other cheap scaler/line doubler so you can hook things up to a VGA monitor.
  11. Muf


    Didn't KevinDDR and someone else say there were shenanigans with Gonbes and TAP? Shaking picture and stuff.
  12. Thanks Kitaru, the Gonbes 8220 looks like a great option. I assume this connects right to the jamma harness (sorry completely new to jamma stuff)

    edit: and by that I mean find the right wires and hook them up not plug in play, that would be asking too much ;)

    edit2: so when you factor in the weak canadian dollar right now and shipping TGM is almost 300 dollars, I'll wait for a stronger economy or a great deal before I get it. I won't forget the valuable input you guys gave me today though. I guess it's back to MAME for me (at least TAP got patched finally)

    Is shumupmametgm still better than the patched mame?
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  13. There were some shenanigans on last night's stream, though maybe it's worth noting that nothing was acting up until Zach struck the machine (or some time after they first opened the panel to mess with joystick things). Wonder if they jarred something? ;p Seriously though, you'd have to ask Kevin about overall performance. I thought he had it behaving pretty well for the most part, aside from the recent glitch.

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