TGM machine in Austin, TX

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by rickshim518, 2 Sep 2008.

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    Hey, everybody. I've been a lurker here for a while. Not much of a Tetris player compared to you man-gods. Just wanted to let everyone know that a new arcade just opened up in Austin, TX called Arcade UFO ( It's a great place, very well run, and it has a TGM machine.
  2. That actually looks like an awesome arcade. Excellent selection overall. You should take a picture of TGM's cabinet. I don't think anybody here has ever seen TGM in an arcade outside Japan.
  3. One of my friends told me he saw a TGM machine outside of Japan. Does that count? :p

    Also, I really wish I could go to that arcade, but I'm much too far away at the moment. If I'm ever in Texas...
  4. Espgalude, DoDonPachi, TGM and others...

    I'd kill for an arcade to open up near me. I'd happily run myself into debt at that place.
  5. A friend of mine has a TGM PCB (and an Egret II cabinet). Maybe you (ct) mean a commercially used one. [​IMG] But won't this arcade place face SEVERE PENALTIES now when a TGM machine is used outside of Japan?!?!?!?!!?!+!?1++1+ D':
  6. tepples

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    Texas is in the United States. Title 17, United States Code, section 109(e), states as follows (my emphasis):
    As I understand it, Arika and Tetris Holding are the owners of copyright in the electronic audiovisual game.
  7. Udy

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    Oh for an arcade like that here.
  8. Do we seriously not have anyone in Austin? [​IMG] How are we supposed to flood that machine with quarters...
  9. rickshim518

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    I'll do what I can to flood that thing with quarters.

    The actual cabinet is pretty standard, though. In fact, I walked past it several times while I was looking for it.

    Yeah, it's an amazing arcade. Quaint, but it's clear that the people who run it love the arcade lifestyle. Heck, if they were smart enough to get a TGM machine they're welcome to my money any time.
  10. Why the hell can't an arcade around me get a TGM machine?? Oh wait, I guess there actually needs to be an arcade around me that doesn't have just fighting games and Dance Dance available...

    Did anybody read the Arcade Culture piece that was linked on Arcade UFO's site. Good read if you haven't....
  11. Why in the world is Caramell Dansen playing in the background in that arcade?
  12. That was my reaction too.
  13. On a related note, there is a TGM2+ at Planet Zero in Houston, TX. However, the person telling me about the machine is fairly certain that it has 8-way joysticks. :S
  14. Playing TAP with 8-way joystick > not playing TAP

    I think we've actually found a reason to why anyone might like Texas [​IMG]

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