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Thread in 'Strategy' started by maldoror68, 22 Jun 2014.

  1. can't get through the part of the game when pieces get "instantly" on the bottom. (i think it's near the level 400 and after ,around 3G and 4G)

    it's a gap for me, a real big gap ^^

    I try to make a "hill" in the center, and that helps a lot to fill properly the area, and always build a well on the right, but sometimes...

    still working on my TGM ,but sometime really, i don't understand the logic of the game:

    1 -i systemically do the wrong IRS for the orange L and blue L. so i got "hooked" and do big mistakes that get me stucked at level 300 / 400. any tip ?
    should i swap my sanwa A button for an orange and my B button for a blue ?
    (no, sureley not but i'm geting mad! :'( )
    i got now the bad habit to rotate initialy in the wrong direction (i "A" the blue L and "B" the orange L) to cure that ? :\ (the more i play, the more i feel it's gonna be hard to revert that bad habit....:| )
    even worse, i always input an IRS in all my pieces (even the O square!) ,anyway sometime the game does'nt need any IRS...but bad habit again :facepalm:, and sometime i IRS too early and do bad rotations of the current tetramino, before the lock, thinking to the next one.

    2 -i don't know why but i feel that TGM let me do only 2 ou 3 rotations of the red I to "corner" it on the right well or in the left well. and most of the time, the I won't rotate no way and will get stuck horizontally, blocking my well....:facepalm:

    does it depend of my IRS ? or the shape of the edge of the well :confused:
    i guess the I is a big piece and need some "space" to rotate, but sometimes i can "fill" my well (right & left) and sometimes not :rolleyes:

    3 -and finally, why arika ,why :rolleyes: does the T piece comes in play with the edge to the bottom, in a position that make the T 99% chances it'll hook on the structure ?
    it'll be easy if only the flat part comes down and the edge up...:\

    thanks for your help, and sorry for my bad english, i'm still french:$
    still dreaming to do better than S1 grade :biggrin:

    actually i always use the 20g code to try to train that a good idea , or must i continue to try a "normal" game from level 1 to 400... ? thanks!
  2. The I piece needs 2 blocks of horizontal and vertical clearance to rotate on the right side, and 3 blocks of horizontal/2 blocks of vertical clearance to rotate on the left.
  3. ^^ ok, thanks for the tip for the I piece ;)

    i'll keep on training this evening B)
  4. I thought the same thing, but it actually comes in handy to hook it up quickly. Basically, if you want to be fast, it's perfect. You just need to have a stack that does not make this a problem. It's hard, but if anything goes wrong, you can still try rotating twice using A+C, so it actually becomes flat, but it's not very easy :>
  5. i guess the I is a big piece and need some "space" to rotate, but sometimes i can "fill" my well (right & left) and sometimes not

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