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Thread in 'Strategy' started by LOst, 7 Jun 2009.

  1. All 4 TGM games have Bravo awarded when clearing all blocks on the stack. Ever since I first saw a Bravo in TGM1 I would want to have it in MY hiscore with GM of course. Took me 4 years:

    However, this made me think, is it really possible to get Bravo from actually thinking ahead? Or is it just luck?

    Is it right to award a player that were just lucky? What do you think? As a game designer, I don't like the idea of awarding someone with a grade or a firework display just for being lucky except in case of sarcasm maybe...

    TGM1 don't award cleared games (green line) higher than mastering time on its hiscore, so I don't think bravos are more than decorations anyway, but I haven't checked it out. With Ti, getting Bravos might be easier because of having hold and a history, but isn't it still luck?
  2. There are certain thing you can do to increase the probability of a bravo, but in the end it really does boil down to luck.

    As for rewarding the player, TGM gives a huge point bonus so someone might get a lucky grade but it's not such a big deal. TAP gives a point bonus as well and Normal mode is broken because of it. TGM and TAP both double the garbage pattern sent for bravos.

    In Ti however, there seems to have been a conscious effort to nerf bravos. AC medals still exist, but they give no real benefit in VS or Master. They don't even affect score any more, not that that is important in this game. Because they do set 8 fireworks off, it does have some practical use in Easy mode, but this is a very small lucky bonus. A constant +8 is waaaay less broken than a x4 which could really explode the points at the end of a combo.

    I have a bravo video I'm working on that you'll really like once finished...
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    The bravo bonus thing was, of course, a large nod to Sega Tetris, which had an even more broken bravo bonus, and people DID abuse it there. Hoo boy, did they abuse it.

    Also, if you think about the way the scoring works, there's a reason for the bravo bonus.

    The reason has to do with when it would matter most. during 20g play.

    Survival during 20g play for the most part means a pyramid shape.

    Now how do you get a bravo with a pyramid on the field?

    You don't. you have to fill both sides of it evenly, and convert it to a flat stack. or stack flat to begin with, which is diffiuclt under 20g.

    So getting a bravo late in game when it really matters is actually quite the feat of skill. at least before they added floorkicks for I and T in TI. And you know what? they removed the bravo bonus there. Coincidence?
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    Congrats LOst! Nice feat.

    I have been obsessed with getting a bravo in TAP Normal mode for a long time now. I only managed to do it twice. The first time it was the first tetris of the game and I was awarded about 25.000 points. The second time, I got it doing a comboing bravo around level 70 and had accumulated around 128.000 points that early in the game.

    Afterwards I aimed to get a bravo in the second half of the game when the point bonus would be bigger, but I haven't been lucky anymore. In TGM/TAP a lot of luck is involved. But I believe one should be rewarded for recognizing a bravo opportunity. My strategy (which hasn't been successful really) is to try and keep the stack as flat as possible.

    I agree that in Ti with more piece previews and hold smarter/skilled people would definitely do it more frequentely. Though I don't believe that would be the case for me. I think a player like SAL could get bravo frequently with his impressive insight.^^
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    From last month. ^^
  6. I did a bravo in one of my first near-GM games. But died at 973 or something.
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    It was a bravo double at the start of the 300-400 section. I have this habit of forcing my stack to ground level near level 300 to have a better chance of getting through 300-500 relatively unscathed.

    I was so focused on getting sub 11:30 that I didn't care about the AC at that time. There was no room to think about it and it really didn't matter. The screenshot was taken to show how absurdly close my times on the ranking were. I bet if was more aware of the possibility of a bravo Gm during the game, that I would have died almost certainly. Especially with how hard I was pushing. Still I'm very happy I got a bravo Gm. ^^

    I completely agree that TAP Normal is broken because of bravos. Japanese players have shown that a score over 500000 is possible without it. Yet I don't believe I'll be able to break 500k without a bravo any time soon.
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    Interesting. I do that at level 400 so that I can start from 500 with a clean slate as 20G stacking is so radically different from 0G or sub-20G stacking.
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    AS I said above it's a nice point boost, but hardly overpowering. And when the point boost would be most useful (during 20g play) is also when it's most difficult to actually get a bravo, as you have to completely fill in your most likely fairly high pyramid.

    The intent seems to be that is someone is brave enough to go for a bravo at level 500+ that it should be rewarded if they can actually pull it off.
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  11. ^^

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