TGM at CTEC2018 - Any interest?

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  1. Hey guys! Long time, no see. Sorry for being absent for such a long time, it's just been too many internet forums/communities to keep up with, and I haven't actively been playing Tetris for a long time. Doesn't mean I'm planning on giving up on it. ;)

    As a matter of fact, I'm probably gonna be doing a lot more for CTEC this year after not really being involved for a couple of years. It's still early in the planning phase, but as Svavar's thread points out, the dates are already set: September 14th and 15th in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    The main event if of course going to be PAL NES Tetris, which has been seeing a lot of heavy competition and improvement among the top players recently, and even a new world record to end Jani's age old reign. Aside from that, I'm expecting GB Tetris to make a return, as it's the classic vs. mode that holds a lot of nostalgia for a lot of people, and with video out mods, it is actually be possible to spectate now ;)

    Meanwhile, there are currently no plans for any TGM competition. The game will of course be present (at least TAP, but I'll try to push in TGM1 and maybe TGM3 too), but for a competition to happen I feel like we will need some great players present for it to even make any sense, and not end up as gimmicky diversion instead.
    I'm not expecting all of the world's top players to fly to Denmark of course, but I would love to see some high level competition in the playoffs, making it a worthwhile event for people to follow both at the location and on the stream (which I'm going to be back on this year, hopefully along with Muf to secure solid quality). I mean, it was fun to meet @Qlex in the finals in 2016, but I don't really feel worthy to fill that position ;) I really want to give TGM all the publicity it deserves, but without more talented players to showcase it, it's always going to fall a bit flat.

    So I'd like to hear the TGM players hanging out around here, mostly aimed at European players of course, but Americans and other continents are absolutely more than welcome: Would you consider attending CTEC 2018 if we were to have a TGM competition(*)?
    And of course, I'd like to hear who'd be interesting in coming over to hang out, regardless of the competitions. :)

    *: The exact nature of a competition would probably depend on the number and skill level of attendants.
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  2. I am interested :)
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  3. Muf


    I'm of course down for this, as I will be there doing stream tech!
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  4. I'm interested ! And it's a nice occasion to discover Copenhagen :D
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  5. Given that Stunfest has a non-zero chance of not happening for us, Aperture and I might be keen on coming to CTEC. Flights are only $550!!!
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  6. Wow, that's actually absurdly cheap for a trans-atlantic flight.

    If both you guys and Qlex end up showing, I'd say a TGM competition would definitely happen.
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