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Thread in 'Hardware' started by Rezwalker, 29 Nov 2017.

  1. Hi guys

    I just secured a copy of TGM3 TI form sophia-corp and wanted to be sure i get everything i need to fire it up !

    #1 HDD + dongle
    #2 TAITO-TYPEX-0001 TYPE-X Motherboard
    #3 Sega JVS -> JAMMA IO to be able to play on my candy ( Egret 2 or New astro city)

    do i need anything else since im droping the motherload (most expensive game ive bought since i bought Mushihimesama futari Black label in 2012 )

    thank a lot for the tips
    really appreciated

  2. Personally I'd trade the SEGA JVS for a Capcom Naomi converter if you can (less input lag) though outside of supergun stuff that's all you'd need to get it running. The converter should come with all the cables needed to hook it up to the Type-X.

    Also, a little off-topic but I can relate to the price of Black Label, Jeez. I had to settle for a v1.5 copy instead :D
  3. Holy crap, those things are $300 now? Might as well just buy a blast city
  4. My blast is dead ...
    and the repair guy disapeared with my chassis ...
    and a blast city in Montréal cost 2000$
  5. Canadian here, can confirm, anything arcade is stupid expensive.
  6. Regarding the Converter, yes. That's the one. The other thing to mention is they are nowhere near that expensive and that price is ludicrous (the place you're ordering Ti from also has the Capcom Naomi converter for 9,720JPY (Approx $87.))

    Also, not sure what your setup is like yet again, superguns are still an option for arcade use if you can't fit/afford an actual cab. However if you get a JVS cab/supergun (do those even exist?) then you won't need the converter. It will however have less uses seeing as JAMMA is the main standard.

    Edit: I just checked the pricing of that Ti HDD+dongle. That price is crazy. I'm honestly surprised you'd want to spend that much on it (I'd price it more around the 125-135k JPY range instead of the 189k you're paying.)
  7. FWIW, this is (as of yet) unsubstantiated with actual hard evidence. I would advise against stating this until this is verified via experimental testing.
  8. This is my setup

    5 Candy ! but the blast is dead ...
  9. Who give's a crap about money when it come to Tetris and FUN ! B)
    YOLO !!!

    bought everything that i needed (hope so )

    now i hope its not to complicated to incorporate everything in my Egret 2
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  10. Oh I just realized I bought my Astro City from you (thank you)! Cool to see you're playing TGM now :)
  11. Serious !
    the world is small lol
    Im glad you like your cab !
    are you from Quebec ?
  12. Yeah I'm in Laval.

    I've been wanting to get another cab for TGM3, but the prices just keep going up. I might just get a JVS IO board too and put it in the astro.
  13. Hey guys
    ive received my tgm 3 today
    after unpacking and pluging everything the converter dont seem to do anything

    i bought that : and cant figure where to plug the the power for it (panic mode activated :p)

    cant find any tuto online or video

    did i bought the wrong converter ? :( if yes ( DAMN)

    need help and fast thx !
  14. It's powered over the JAMMA edge. (You can leave the other molex connector alone; it's only used for supplying power to NAOMI games.)

    The connections should look like: JAMMA harness -> JAMMA-JVS converter -> USB B-A cable -> JVS I/O port on the Taito Type X (found on a PCI card slot; it won't work if connected to one of the USB ports). If it's not receiving power or if its not plugged into the correct port, you will see an "I/O Error" when TGM3 starts up.

    Also, make sure the security dongle is plugged into a USB port, otherwise you will see a "System Error 900" screen before TGM3 starts up.
  15. alright il retry LIVE !
    thx man
  16. after plugging eveything i get zero output to the screen
    not even a typeX logo
  17. ok i tested it in my new astro cabinet and it worked right away ...
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  18. Good to hear there are some results! Not sure about the video issue, but I can try to list some info in case it gives you a lead.

    The Taito Type X has two video outputs: one VGA port that outputs 15kHz / 480i, and one DVI-A port that outputs 31kHz / 480p. A quick search indicates that the Egret II and New Astro City both come with Nanao MS9 monitors by default, which has normal 15kHz "low resolution" and uncommon 24kHz "mid resolution" modes (manual switching). So, if they both have stock monitors, you've been playing normal games in both, and you're using the VGA port for video, it should work OK in both cabinets.

    Someone else might have better troubleshooting advice. :p But it sounds like things are getting pretty close, so hopefully you're able to get things 100% for the Egret II as well soon. :)

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