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  1. Report

    Report Texmaster developer

    Texmaster2009-3 comming soon...

    zip or 7z either one.

    Texmaster2009-3.zip 64,914,816 bytes

    lee n

    Texmaster2009-3.7z 24,267,305 bytes
    for Expert player. (LZMA2 Maximum compression level)

    lee n

    New features:
    Support Ubuntu 10.04 32bit and 64bit.
    Add option (Windows7 DWM off)

    Some bug fixes. (Doubles mode)

    | Texmaster2009-3.zip
    | SHA1 (Texmaster2009-3.zip) = d15b97b6db4fe3202e3553fceabb4724d20f1ff6
    | Texmaster2009-3.7z (LZMA2)
    | SHA1 (Texmaster2009-3.zip) = 626f4507b0628b220de448a16a8d05c3fbde97fc
    || Windows98/Windows7 32bit binary
    || SHA1 (Texmaster2009.exe) = d15b97b6db4fe3202e3553fceabb4724d20f1ff6
    || Ubuntu 10.04 32bit binary
    || SHA1 (Texmaster2009.ubuntu10.04.i386.gz) = ae53ca7e0fd88d900aa2816a6e7efe93d70d9815
    || Ubuntu 10.04 64bit binary
    || SHA1 (Texmaster2009.ubuntu10.04.amd64.gz) = c815ed76ab863c074d0449328d20f65fe377ff4c
  2. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Using the 32 bit linux executable changing the player1 = keybinding does not work
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  4. You can't switch the type of setup you use in this version, to fix this... Open the Texmaster2009.ini file

    Under the tag [KEYBOARD], you have the options:
    player1 = 1
    player2 = 2

    Completely delete these options, and replace them with:
    key_type_pl1 = 1
    key_type_pl2 = 2

    You will then be able to change the setup properly. :)
  5. Hi guys!!! It`s been a long time since the last time I posted...xD Haha

    Well, I have a little strange problem with the music of the game...
    In game, these songs I can`t listen:


    I really don`t know why happens this... It`s happening a little time ago...
    Do you have the solution guys? I cleaned the cache folder but it`s still happening, even so, I tried with the Texmaster2009Beta1 and I had the same result...
    Thanks dudes...


    EDIT: problem resault... Now I`m using the latest Texmaster version, which works just perfectly, and even so, includes the Record Function... Just great...

    EDIT2: I really would like that Texmaster includes the Konoha Mode from the Tetris Grand Master 4: Masters of Rounds... That would be great :D
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  6. i remember it was possible to start a game with "infinite" mode so that levels would not increase. is it still possible in newer versions? i cant find it right now..
    also, in the newest version sound seems blurry/stutters. no idea what causes this.
  7. Ai


    Yes it's still possible to use the feature, but there seems to be a bug. Start Texmaster, choose a mode and press left or right once (or any odd number of times) in the menu that shows the levels (won't work if you choose level 0 though) and start the game. Just top out or restart by pressing F11. When you go to the level menu in any mode now the option infinite will be available for selection.

    Also congrats with your S9 in TAP Master this weekend. No problems over here with the sound so far.

    Good to hear the last version fixes your previous problems. I'd love to see the mode implemented as well. But I wouldn't count on it as long as the game isn't released. I know that a lot of the game has already been uncovered by some members, still all the details are unknown as we haven't seen someone clear the mode. Though introducing big mode in the current Texmaster modes might be possible and welcome. For the time being you can play big mode in Heboris and also NullpoMino I believe. ^^
  8. thanks :)
  9. With the latest version, AVI output seems to work again. However, when recording large files (tested with 4gb/10min+ videos), the video becomes corrupted and unviewable and the sound becomes all noise. Short videos (a couple of minutes) work fine.

    Can someone edit the first post too? Thanks!
  10. i don't think avi format supports files larger than 4gb.
  11. Ah I didn't know that, thanks Wojtek! I guess next time, I'll have to compress it.
  12. i believe that Vdub can append avi's together using some system (.avi1, .avi2) or such.
  13. Hi friends...
    Just wanna tell about some strange bug about bgm and suggest some ideas for next releases...xD

    Well, the bug:

    tm3_2.adpcm: song from Special Ti - Level 300-400-500
    tm3_5.adpcm: song from Sudden Ti - Level 700-900

    When the song is close to finish and restart, it replays approximately the last 20 seconds of the song... And when is close to finish, again the last 20 seconds of the song, and again, and again... I mean, it doesn`t restart from the beginning of the song... It`s strange... It`s not a big deal, but just wanna to tell you that...xD

    Some suggestions for next releases (if you aggre of course...xD):

    *A different sound for garbage (is the same as irs.adpcm)... It could be something like garbage.adpcm...
    *The game could show "T-spin" on the bottom of the screen when a T-spin, mini, single, double... is succesfully made...
    *The possibility to play the Item Mode and the Big Mode, just like TGM2+, the Sakura Mode (I know it is in Heboris), and the Versus Mode (from TGM3), but it would be great if Texmaster had all the TGM Modes...).
    *Could be possible to use gif animated backgrounds??? Or it`s something hard to do??? (This just came to my mind right now...xD)

    I apologize if I`m asking to much... These are just some ideas... Just that...
    I know some of these things are present in other clones... But as I said before, it would be great if Texmaster was, even more, like all TGM Series, I mean, more similar to it...

    That`s all...
    Good Luck...

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  14. +1 for big mode--presumably it's already somewhat implemented since shirase 1300 works.
  15. orz


    some things:

    • is there a way to automate the videomaking process for texmaster?
    • has anyone looked into documenting or learning about the sav file? a program that analyzed statistics on your sav file would be really neat. there is a program like that for starcraft and its spectacular
    • i am looking for any tips/info in regards to making skins (even simple stuff like "to make the block graphics not get screwed up you have to use the original color palette" since i dont have any experience with it)
  16. Hi guys. a long time since I've been here... started playing texmaster again.

    With the latest version of Texmaster, I can't get tm1_1.adpcm to play for normal mode 0-500. I'm on Windows Vista so I don't know where my "cache" folder is to delete.

    When I go to BGM Test (F7) I can play tm1_1.adpcm with no problem, it detects it and everything.

    Any ideas?
  17. hi mr.report.....
    consider reducing the size of musics?
    it just took 60Mb, and others just 2MB.....
    can't get a little zipped?
    ogg or mp3 seems to be better...
    a decoder takes no more space then such ADPCMs, i think.

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