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  1. I've done a lot of research into how SRS really works lately, and I've created a preliminary document explaining the details. This information is layed out so that you can get a concept of how SRS works, and to enable developers to implement accurate SRS relatively easily.

    That information is accurate when using it to reimplement SRS in Tetris Worlds and Tetris Zone (and possibly other Guideline games), but after examining it, and looking at jago's SRS study, you'll notice that ACE doesn't quite match the BPS Guideline games (the kicks for I-tetromino are slightly different), and WORLD rotation in Ti may be the same as ACE, but I don't know for certain if it is.
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    Whatever eveybody think at this moment, Texmaster SRS is different to the TI SRS, I would bet my 2 hands on it. I can break constantly 500 on TI and I have been unable to reach 400 one time on Tex.

    Then, I am sure the drop doesn't work properly as well..


  3. There's a lot of bugs in the kicks.
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    Another little bug, not really boring, I got a lot of freeze on the "GO".
    I got it 4 time between yesterday evening and now.
  5. Happened to me as well, probably more like 20 times though. Especially when messing around with custom sounds. (maybe just a coincidence)

    Didn't have this issue with beta-1,
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    Report Texmaster developer

    sorry. Amnesia.

    Is there an error message on stdout.txt ?

    Texmaster support custom file

    PCM format.
    16 bit LSB(little endian) format.
    11025Hz, 22050Hz and 44100Hz rate.
    mono, streo channel.
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    No error message.

    I have another question :
    did you make some change in the sudden ti speed values ?
    Like slightly shorter ARE ? I have the feeling... NO...this new version runs faster and fluider than the previous, at least on my PC. I
    can do the 0-100 pretty often under 28 with the keyboard and on the last version it was difficult to do sub 30s.

    Is it possible it comes from the fact that I have not yet added Backgrounds, musics and sounds ?

    EDIT : Where the hell are you jujube and blink ? Nobody except you can really bring an accurate help to understand the current problem of wallkick on the new WORLD system of texmaster. For me it is just an in-game feeling, my knowledge in SRS is too limited to clearly describe the problems.

    EDIT 2 : Let's start with this : the behaviour of the I when I try to put it in a hole on the 1st column, is the same as ARS, even worse because in this situation :


    You can't place it.
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  8. [​IMG]


    I wonder if I'm just having "luck".
    Or if something was changed in the randomizer routine that makes me have this scenario appear not once, but twice in 10 days. :confused:
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  9. What are the actual odds of getting the same piece three times in a row?
  10. Apparently not high enough. :D
  11. I dunno, I've had things like that happen in TAP too. It's rare but not unheard of.

    Getting two games like that close to each others could be nothing other than a freak accident.
  12. Bug: Gold SK appears at 36, not 35 tetrises.
  13. It took some time but here my results:

    Odds p(n) for n times the same tetriminos with a 6 roll randomizer and a history size of 4:

    p(1) = 1
    p(2) = 0.0087038563863696232
    p(3) = 0.000017977518736987289
    p(4) = 0.0000000048898044146876993
    p(5) = 0.0000000000000415626517411
    p(6+) = 0.0 (this is not really zero but its that small that rounding errors and limited register size make it not easily computeable)

    p(n) = p(n-1) * (Max(h+2-n,1)/t)^(r-1) / t
    where h is the amount of entries in the history, t is the amount of different tetrominos (normaly 7 ;) ) and r is how often the randomizer rolls (r=1 means no reroll at all).

    Also note that the real odds are a bit lower because this calculation assumes that the history starts with all entries different from eachother, which is mostly the case but not always.

    So assuming you play with 200 tpm you get on average every 34 seconds 2 same tetrominos, every 4.6 hours 3 same tetrominos, every 2 years 4 same tetrominos and every 234668 years 5 same tetrominos :)

    I also tried to get the values per experiment (just letting a 6rollhistory randomizer run and run) and the values are:

    p(1) = 0.99162814278809575
    p(2) = 0.0083546626082680771
    p(3) = 0.000017190461441852386
    p(4) = 0.0000000041421943124399046

    I also uped my mirror (finally)..
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  14. Could a mod or someone update the first post in this topic to include the newest release?
  15. Someone post in this thread quoting the modified first post and I'll make it happen.
  16. Ai


    I would appreciate it if someone linked to the latest version. Is it still a beta version? Thanks in advance! ^^
  17. BGMs don't work with on beta2 for me. All other sounds work fine. I have the volume at default (16) in the sound test menu.
  18. This may be a dumb question, but just to make sure: did you add any BGMs? The beta versions don't come with any by default.
  19. Yes, I did add statikeffeck's BGM pack. It worked for Patch 1 just fine.

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