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  1. Hello Report,

    First of all, thank you for your great program. I will download the latest version in a few hours after I'm uncapped.

    I wanted to ask you about the music in Texmaster 2009 (2nd latest version).

    What's the guitar tune in the intro?
    What's the music for the different modes? Did you compose them?
    And is it possible to find mp3 versions of them?
  2. If you say so ;)

    http://www.deeem2031.de/Tetris/Texmaster2009_bgm.7z (Note: I recompressed it as a 7z archive, which is a "bit" smaller (87,791KB instead of 265,743KB)
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    Good for identifying that there's duplicate music. But if you want to be a real compression nazi, go get FLAC.

    (This post is not intended to be taken too seriously. Flac will turn 270 megs of WAV into 186 megs without any quality loss, but damned if most people know what to do with them now)
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  5. I honestly don't know. But I think the reason for this version not having any OS X or Linux builds is that it's still in beta. Report is working on a final release though, so I guess we'll see.

    Until then, use the latest final:

  6. Report

    Report Texmaster developer

  7. And it's up.

    edit: I'm sure people will be pleased to know that now there are Linux and OS X builds available too. Thank you very much Report.
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  8. Mirror up, thanks Report.
  9. There are medals in this one. Nice. :)
  10. Amnesia

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    ; Aspect ratio 4:3
    ; type=1 FULLSCREEN
    ; type=0 WINDOW
    width = 640
    height = 480
    type = 0
    offset = 0
    ;           up      down    left    right   A       B       C       D
    ; type 0    s       x       z       c       b       n       m       SPACE
    ; type 1    up      down    left    right   q       s       d       SPACE
    ; type 2    up      down    left    right   q       s       d       SPACE
    ; type 3    up      down    left    right   z       x       c       v
    ; type 5    config "key_type5_*****"  Refer to "key.html"
    ; type 6    config "key_type6_*****"  Refer to "key.html"
    ; type 7    disable
    ; type 4    debug
    key_type_pl1 = 1
    key_type_pl2 = 7
    I will start in telling this, to be sure report doesn't feel agressed, I love his game, really..What happend in the past for me is really difficult to understand, the first time I plugged my stick on my PC and started Texmaster, it worked perfectely and I never understand why..Sure I did a minor changement in te ini, but I don't remember, the most important was that it worked fine and that's all..Now I have to play on keyboard, so report excuse me, but this system of input config is SHITTY sorry.

    WHY CAN'T I PLAY ??????
  11. never mind.
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  12. Amnesia

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    2 bugs for WORLD :

    the DOWN direction doesn't allow any lock delay, no slide possible in neither down nor up..

    the IHS, or simply HOLD maybe, disrupt every other input, impossible for example to perform IHS+IRS+DAS.
  13. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    No, I said that I was attempting to play on keyboard ! I never got any problem to configure my stick..
  14. edit: nevermind.
  15. Oh I guess I read it wrong, sorry. I thought you were trying to play with your stick and it didn't work.
    Then, you want to configure the keyboard binding and you're not comfortable with one of the predefined ones?

    Report used to bundle a help html file, and there are two custom configs you can set up.
    You set the input to type 5 and it allows manual configuration.

    I put it up here so you can read it:
    You have to look at
    to know what number corresponds to each button.
  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Thank you very much ! I can play now..

    But there is some problem, too many restrictions with the wallkicks, the SRS is unplayable, I am waiting for the opinions of others.
  17. I noticed that the title screens for the Mac OS and Linux 64-bit binaries both said beta 1, while the Windows one said Beta 2. Is this accurate, or are they all actually the same version?

    Also, in SRS don't the locking behaviors of up and down switch depending on if the piece is in the air or on the ground, or was that just Tetris DS funkiness?
  18. It depends on the game. TGM does not switch.

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