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  1. Thank you, Report.
    Please, add an option to turn on the input display. That was a great feature!
  2. Cyb

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    I think I found a bug : In World, soft drop is not supposed to "lock", it is supposed to work like in Tetris DS. (You soft drop it then you can lock it with the hard drop.)
  3. My memory is really fuzzy because I never play World, but I think it does lock the piece in Ti.
  4. Heboris doesn't have "lock on surface" for either Ti World or TDS SRS.
    Oh, and worldreverse would be nice, I think...
  5. tr3

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    anyone got texmaster working on linux x86_64?
  6. Works fine for me. You'll need to install a lot of lib32 libraries to get Texmaster2009-1 to run, as it's an x86 binary (I'm using Arch Linux, and it was easy enough; I believe Ubuntu actually comes with a lib32 setup by default). The main lib32 library you need is some form of libsdl, because if you can get libsdl, it's dependencies should take care of the rest; you may also need something specifically for your graphics hardware, as I have to get a support package for the nvidia driver in x86 programs. I'd hope that Report would provide an x86_64 binary in the next release, as x86_64 installations are getting more and more common, and lib32 is never a better solution if a native build is possible.

    That world_test build works pretty well in Wine, too (and for that matter, Texmaster in general works well in Wine, but Linux builds are a better solution).
  7. tepples

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    I have access to five PCs between my house and my aunt's house: five x86, zero x86_64. Three run Windows XP, two Ubuntu Hardy. I'd imagine that Report might be in a similar situation. I don't see any chance of a usable x86_64 emulator for x86 PCs.

    Now that Wine has a stable 1.0 release, I consider it more like a widget toolkit that happens to use PE executables instead of ELF executables. Saying "Linux native apps are better than Windows apps that are tested to work fine on Wine" is almost like saying "KDE builds are better" if you use KDE and run into a GNOME app or "GNOME builds are better" if you use GNOME and run into a KDE app.
  8. Muf


    I take it you've never heard of QEMU then.
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    How do i save replays of my games?

    Ive got a bunched saved in f6 randonmly but dont know how they got there [​IMG]

  10. Texmaster automatically saves every played game (unless you cancel it with F11). The save file does get full though (and not at 999 records), so if they're not saving you'll have to delete a few or rename the save file so it makes a new one.
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    i'm not sure if its just my computer, but I can't seem to get 'type 3' of the keyboard settings working. At the start screen, when it says press any key, none of the type 3 buttons work (z,x,c,v), but only type 2 buttons... how do i change it so type 3 buttons work??
  12. Open the .ini and change "Key_Player_1=1" or whatever to "=3"
  13. So, tetrisconcept went down for a couple of days and during that time a new version of Texmaster 2009 was released. This is Texmaster 2009-2 beta 1 (50%).

    * A new account system system has been added, you can now log in with your name instead of changing it in the .ini file.
    * Much like the previous preview there is WORLD rotation, scores are tracked separately.
    * The .dat is no more and you can now change graphics and sounds at your own will. Some files are still in proprietary formats but this will change to easily readable formats in the future.

    I'm sure there are more changes, but the above are some of the big things. You can find Texmaster 2009-2 beta 1 (50%) at the following links:

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    Bug report for Report. :)

    1) When a bgm is unsupported, the internal bgm table gets confused, and it plays the wrong tunes.

    2) hard and soft drop both lock in WOrld.
  15. Report

    Report Texmaster developer

  16. Report, thank you very much for the new version!

    There's some problems with World rule, but I don't know exactly how to explain them. Some kicks and rotations that should work don't.
  17. ei


    Excellent work, Report! As always, thanks for your hard work.

    Any chance of Linux and Mac binaries in the future? In addition, I might as well put a request out there for 64-bit binaries as well.

    It plays fine in Wine but I always prefer to run native if I can. (doubly so on my 64-bit laptop, which doesn't seem to want to run the old version's (2009-1?) 32-bit binary at all...)

    nightmareci, can you give any advice to a fellow Arch user on getting it to complain less? I already installed 32-bit libraries for SDL and its dependencies, but whenever I try to run Tex on my laptop it always claims it can't create a terminal or something similar. (I don't have it running right now or I'd double-check)

    At any rate, digression aside, keep up the good work Report! =)


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