Records: [Texmaster] Special and Sudden Ti

Thread in 'Competition' started by aperturegrillz, 27 Feb 2008.

  1. I hope so! Who ever thought they'd see the day where I start using ARS? :V

    Also, video is uploaded:
  2. That comeback was really intense. Good job! I needed some more time to get used to 600 speeds, but after that, it's record time. I hope it'll go the same for you!
  3. Thanks Qlex! I didn't think I would make it, and when I did, I didn't think I would pass the torikan in time. It just goes to show that you should always play every game until the very end. :)

    Also, new record! :D

  4. [​IMG]
  5. I went back to this game. It's pretty fun, although I'm starting to REALLY hate the speed + the cool system.

    Anyway, I can say I'm now a motherf***er beast according to Amnesia's chart, but I can only provide an image, because I reached the 999 replays and my game didn't get recorded. *cries*


    EDIT : Well, nevermind!
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  7. That's pretty good! You just need to be a bit more consistent and you'll get there. Keep going!
  8. The skill difference between an S8 and an S10 run is almost nonexistent. As Qlex said, you're very close!
  9. MasterM in 5:41:96


    There's no replay, for some strange reason my Texmaster didn't saved the game :S
  10. Lucky thing you took a screen shot! 999 replays by chance?

    45 tetrises....very well done.
  11. I think that's the reason. Then I deleted a lot of saved games but I don't really remember how many they were in total, but yes, that probably was the problem.

    And thanks ;)
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  13. Nice comebacks =)
  14. [​IMG]


    Bought a stick. New record first night.

    fuck yes

  15. Wow, what a beautiful stick!
  16. Sticks are pretty awesome, I have to say =)
  17. [​IMG]

    Breaking personal best yet again.

    edit: almost same time as my last post here ^^ (faster, even)

    Since my return to Tetris and TGM a few months ago I have beaten all of my old record except for TAP Master which I play the least. I rotate all the modes and try to play a bit of everything. Will get into TAP more when I buy a PCB later this year.

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