Records: [Texmaster] Special and Sudden Ti

Thread in 'Competition' started by aperturegrillz, 27 Feb 2008.

  1. Well, just be glad you're not MV or above. When that happens you might as well just throw away any game where you miss a cool. That's really really really frustrating.
  2. Huh. I uploaded this video to Youtube, but then promptly forgot to post. (679 @ 3:13.06)

    One step closer to fulfilling my goal...

    Special Ti run possibly coming soon?
  3. New time record: m8, 999 @ 5:51:88 (S8 + 9 cools).
    That felt really good.
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    minor update >:(
  5. [​IMG]

    I decided to play Sudden Ti, something I don't really ever do and I got this. :D!

    It has a terrible time, but I hit 500 at least. I had a really dumb stack throughout 100-300, so I didn't manual lock so I could fix the damn thing.

    Time to go back and chip at Death some more...
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  7. K


    but lot of things, you learned today, padawan... :V
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    Uploaded with

    incredible that actually, jago's tactic works very well ! this mindset is focused on a "slowing down" method but it is only relative because I break my best torikan with this practice game.
    I got on this session a level 38X, a 400-ish and the rest was only 500 and 500+..

    EDIT : watched again my replay, that is unbelievable, teh game looks so weak, slow so hesitating because of the speed decreases, and I still pass at 2:12...
    ha ha ha omg :twisted: I will destroy it now that I have understood.
  11. What the fuck did you do to that video? :sowsuser:

    I was expecting the audio would be you yelling maniacally or something, I was really disappointed :(
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    Special ti 0-100 : 43,70

    Only 2 tap tap moves, perfect downstacking the whole session, really good timing, it seems hard to get sub 43..:\

    Rosti, I used the mpeg 4 conversion with the texmaster video tool, the video was perfect after the creation, then on youtube it fucked up..:confused:
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    Can you help me ?
  14. Try ffdshow and then configure it to use XviD and do it that way?
  15. Nice 0-500 time!
  16. Another impprovemente ;)

    Sudden Ti 699 in 03:25:50

    Note that I broke the "Torikan" exactly at 2:28:00... Coooool!!!! Hahaha xD

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