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  1. Anybody know where I can download the Texmaster OST? I like it. :)
  2. unfortunately, they're stored in a modified adpcm format, so they're kind of hard to get at. one of the old versions listed for download (i forget which) comes with the source code for an adpcm player, which will let you listen to the files in data/bgm. if you felt like tinkering, you could probably get it to output .wavs and re-encode them
  3. What do i do with it? I try running the player and encoder but nothing happens when I open it.
  4. it needs to be run from the command line with the filename of the .adpcm as an argument
  5. Only partially related: how do I replace tracks in game? I tried replacing the tm2_endroll file with a WAV file for the TAP credits, but nothing I try seems to work. Can anybody give me some guidance on this?
  6. so I ended up ripping it myself


    you'd have to use the adpcm encoder from Burbruee's link. like the player, it needs to be run from the command line, with the .wav you want to convert as an argument. I just tried it out, and it's kind of finicky about .wav formats: I had to change FMT_PCM in wav_loader.c from 0x0001 to 0xFFFE, but the .adpcm it gave me afterwards worked fine. I'm not sure if this is the encoder's fault or my .wav being unusual.
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  7. I was a big fan of the soundtrack too! Mostly the '1st' track though...I actually wanted that to play on a loop instead of transitioning into the other track(s).

    - Jono
  8. Update on the guitar tracks:

    The menu music, tm2_menu.adpcm, is (probably) flamenco.wav from Counter Strike, which plays in cs_italy. The tune is Reflejo Andaluz's Carcelera.

    tm1_endroll.adpcm is guit1.wav from Counter Strike, same map. It's based on the start of Mauro Giuliani's Rossiniana No.2.
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    so have the other tunes been identified? i suspect they are all from various versions of counter strike, just like the background graphics.
  10. Thanks for the help!
  11. Uhh, sorry if I'm being a complete idiot, or being deficient in google skills, or whatever, but how do you specify a file as an argument when you're launching the program via command prompt?
  12. programname.exe <argument here>

    (no < > )

    normally dash something

    I've never used this but I'm assuming it would be like

    adcpm-player songname.adpcm

    assuming the song and adcpm player are in the same directory (and your command prompt is also pointing to that directory)

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