Records: [Texmaster] Novice, Normal, Advance and Doubles

Thread in 'Competition' started by rednefed, 16 Jan 2009.

  1. You got this, it's only a matter of time. Keep going!
  2. New record after ages. Sub10 was missed because of the 11 singles in the last disastrous (as always) section. At least I will get 1st place in the leaderboard whenever the hibernation of the people responsible for updating ends. :biggrin:

  3. To make it sub 10 would be quite an achievement, in my opinion! Go for it!
  4. That's it! ;)

  5. Congratulations, a well-deserved trophy :)
  6. Come on, you will do it in no time. Your first sections were terrible. Why didn't you restart? :hmm:

    just cut another 0:00:02 ;)


    My 1st half is getting better and better but this stagnation in the 2nd half is starting to annoy me.
  7. [​IMG]

    Almost half a minute faster.
  8. Novice - 202422 - 06:24:13

    Not the best score, but I figured since it's better than some of the scores on there I'd post it.

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  10. Normal GM @ 12:21.98 !!!

    But I haven't video, my folder was full... :'(

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  11. That stuff happens man. I feel your pain :|
  12. and, of course, I beat my record from 40 seconds x)
  13. Since Ti modes are simply ridiculous to go from next-to-last to last grade, I decided to go for something different for once, sub 10 normal. I think it's a good objective on par with the other TGM2 and 3 objectives, and now that I try and come closer to it, I feel I understand a lot of things.

    xx  Qlex            Gm     999     10:19:28     Level stop indicated.
    Of course, I never come close to sub 1:10-ing the first section, unless I just barely get 1:05, melt my brains and top out 2 minutes after.

    And yes, I can't have a last section that does not look like kashiwa playing death :sneaky:

    Overall, I think I lack consistency, but any advice to get there is welcome!
  14. COL


    This is a funny coincidence, because this occured to me a couple hours ago:
    after a hard drive crash and some weeks without any TGM training I started to play tex again and this came out.
    I feel that the tap master practice I've done this summer helped me to improve in TGM1 a lot.
  15. Ai


    Nice improvements both of you! Are you guys using the C button for 180° rotations. I should be able to get a time around 10:20 too. My sub 500 play will have to improve drastically if I want to get near the 10 minute mark. ^^



    A small improvement after a few games. ^^
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  16. Funny how I thought using the c button was an absolute must for everyone, yet people who have been playing for some time like billtsar or you, don't use it! I am currently using the three button system to do a 270° (ie 90° + one conditional step to the side) with the s and z blocks, even. I guess it's not a must by any means, there can be limits to how making best use of the three buttons can come in handy. However, I use it all the time.

    Good stuff guys! So it's settled! We are likely to have a race, a war to the almighty sub 10. Prepare yourselves >=]
  17. I think it's not that necessary. I only ever use it for the first piece of a game. :p
  18. COL


    I always double rotate with A+C, however i triple rotate L/J with a single button (an ill move i need to get rid of some day :p, mainly due to preview laziness).

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