tetrisconcept no longer condones tetris clones

Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 24 Sep 2010.

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  1. statikeffeck: you must realize that the TTC has specifically stated that TGM doesn't 'need' a worldwide release if people have clones - I suppose the idea is that we wouldn't buy it if we can code our own simulators.
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  3. i love you orz. let's be roommates and have crazy nonhomoerotic adventures together.

    ok maybe a little homoerotic.
  4. A couple tweets from Mihara:
    Rough translation: If you love TGM, stop playing clones. And, if you know the clones are troublesome, then why are they still on your YouTube and other video sites?

    The only way this ban could ever really be effective would be to have everyone -- or even most people -- agree to remove their clone videos. To call this an unlikely scenario is something of an understatement.

    EDIT: Why did TC break my paste. :|
    http://twitter.com/#!/miharasan/status/28669490946 and http://twitter.com/#!/miharasan/status/28673661772 for original text.
  5. Ai


    Nice of you to reach out to him and make him aware of the situation over here. Almost half of my videos are from Texmaster. If it really helps I'll delete the videos later. And I guess there haven't been any new devolpments since the TGM4 cancellation announcement?
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    Mihara posted a cryptic message saying "TGM4->TGM4D", and later explained "Don't you get it? TGM4 won't be released. The D in TGM4D stands for DEAD."
  7. Ai, assuming you're using Youtube, you can make your clone videos private or unlisted, rather than deleting them, if you so choose. Private videos IIRC are only visible to yourself and to Youtube users that you specify can see them; unlisted videos don't show up in searches or in your profile, but can be seen by anyone that has the link.

    You might know all that already, but if not it might save you from eradicating your clone videos entirely if you want to avoid that.
  8. I will also remove my videos if it will make a difference.
  9. K


    Emotional blackmail = lock remove all clone thread asap.
  10. Muf


    It won't. TGM4 = TGM4D.
  11. I think you're taking that tweet too seriously considering mere hours before he asked arcades to re-tweet his message if they would buy TGM4.
  12. Muf


    And I think you're taking that previous tweet too seriously, just look at the number of "w" it contains. Every "w" is a "lol", so it roughly translates to "Survey: Lol, who would buy TGM4 if it came out? Individuals don't count, arcade operators only lol". Sounds very serious indeed.
  13. This ordeal is absurd.
  14. Well, at any rate, I've decided to take down all of my videos, clone or real, on Youtube for privacy reasons. If anyone wants to see them, they can PM me for more information. They're also available on Facebook. Just friend me (Kevin Birrell).
  15. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    I just have one question for Mihara.

    What are us people outside of Japan who love TGM supposed to do?
  16. Not play it. Haven't you been listening?
  17. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Not playing a game is a very lousy way to show people you love it and want to play it. :)

    After all, it' s the exact same thing the people who don't love TGM in the west are doing.
  18. *shrug* Pier21 took it seriously enough to respond. ArcadeUFO also shot back a tweet, but I don't know if the opinions of foreign arcades would make much of an impression or not.
  19. orz


    arent arcades pretty much required to shill out like that though since if more games dont get made then they dont make moeny
  20. Mihara's chances of bringing out another arcade TGM game are, given some constant C,

    C * number of Japanese arcades that respond / (-1/2*C * number of foreign arcades)
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