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  1. Introduction
    As many of you are aware, tetris.wiki is a community project started over 10 years ago by many members of Tetrisconcept and Hard Drop.

    I myself found the wiki which helped me build my fan game Tetr.js. It's also been an invaluable resource for my game collecting, and learning to play. After about 6 years of using it, I decided it might be time for me to actually contribute as well.

    What stopped me from contributing in those 6 years before? Well I've always wanted to have accurate information, and liked things to be complete or finished. A wiki however isn't for that. Accuracy is of course something to strive for, but isn't always required. Wikis are also living documents, they change over time, and we want that!

    I was also afraid to make mistakes. It's easy to sometimes feel intimidated by the vast knowledge of the community. Just like all wikis, mistakes can always be fixed, and reviewed by the community. It's okay to be wrong, don't let that stop you!

    Why start now
    As our community grows, more people like us start to get involved. More events happen, more games come out, and more research is done. There are many many aspects of Tetris which are fun to discover, the wiki is a centralized place that anyone can add to!

    There are many ways to contribute, so I thought I'd outline some different ways to do so, as well as a couple projects.

    Linking pages
    Many topics (games, mechanics, etc) are referenced in other articles, but don't link to the page. You can help by linking them. To link a page simply add [[ ]] around the word. For example [[Tetris The Grand Master]]. A good place to also look is dead-end pages (these need links added to them) and orphaned pages (these need pages to link to them.

    Improving content
    Fixing spelling mistakes, or making the language more clear is an easy way to give a big quality boost to the wiki.

    Categorizing content
    Not only is there lots of uncategorized pages, there are some content that could benefit from new categories. You can see a list of uncategorized pages here: Uncategorized pages.

    Writing new content
    With so many games, it's easy to see why many don't have much content. See wanted pages for pages that link to a non existing page. Most of these are a game, see if one of your favorites is on there! See short pages for pages that need content. Usually these are pages that just have a little boilerplate and are waiting to be filled in.

    Organizing content
    Some pages need help being organized. This can be long pages that can be split up or put into different existing pages, or simply pages that are too short and could be merged and redirected.

    Review new changes
    You can help by simply reviewing changes to the wiki. See recent changes. It's a great way to see something that might be wrong, or could be improved, even if it's not the change itself but something else in the article. It's also a good way to prevent vandalism.

    Forum or chatroom content
    Lots of tetris content exists solely in some hidden chatroom or on these forums. These are usually very hard to find and don't have good visibility for the entire community. If you ever see yourself learning something, going back to search an old chat message or anything like that, add it to the wiki!

    Check out the special pages for other ways the view all the content on the site to find pages that need help improving.


    Categorizing games by console

    This will help people looking for games for a certain console.

    Categorizing games by developer
    Having a list of developers and which games they've made is an invaluable reference that is currently missing.

    Improving infoboxes
    Every game has an infobox. These are sometimes missing content or the content is outdated/wrong. Going through all the pages with these infoboxes is a good starter project. Don't be afraid to also modify the infobox template itself!

    Adding companies
    Developers, publishers, and other relevant companies could all use a page. This helps people not familiar find information about them, or tetris related information about them.

    Improving the main page
    The main page is often what most people are greeted with. It's our job to make it interesting, relevant, and keep it up to date. Pages that are linked directly from it are also a good starting point to improve. Or if the pages are no longer as relevant, the links can be removed and categorized elsewhere.

    Improving or adding your own fan game
    Have you made your own fan game? Is it missing from the wiki? Well add it! You know your game best, see how other pages are formmated and create your own entry!

    If your game is already added, see if there's anything to improve or correct.

    Creating templates for maintenance
    Sometimes seen on wikipedia, these templates can warn users that a page needs to be maintained or improved in some way. All you have to do is create a template, make sure to included a category, and add it to the affected pages.

    Some ideas for templates could be:
    • Stubs - short articles
    • Incorrect information
    • Low Quality
    • Broken links
    • Incomplete - references that might not have complete content (e.g. 40 Lines)
    This will prompt users to try and help, and the article to not be forgotten.

    Adding boxart and screenshots
    Many games are missing these, and they are an easy way to improve the quality of the wiki.

    Creating your own tetris content
    Maybe your interests aren't present in anyway on the wiki, for example events, players, promotional items, rare one of a kinds, achievements, reviews, art, game controllers, etc. As long as it's related to Tetris, it is welcomed.

    This is just a sample of what you can do for Tetris.wiki and the community. I hope it helps others get started and help improve the quality. The content on there has undoubtably helped hundreds of thousands of people, so I'd like to thank everyone who has previously contributed in the past, as well as all the newcomers.
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  2. I already plan on fleshing out the pathetically small CCST page with pretty much every bit of info needed next year (including info that has yet to be correctly documented anywhere.) The only thing I can't add to it is how the randomiser actually works (and not what's theorised to work) as I have no skill in data mining. The rest of the games I'd have to take a look at later though.
  3. That sounds awesome, can't wait to see it Archina :)

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