Tournament: Tetris Splash Tournament (Xbox 360)

Thread in 'Competition' started by a1r gear, 10 Apr 2010.

  1. Hi TC! I'll be organizing a Tetris Splash Xbox 360 tournament.
    Deadline Date to register is May 15, 2010 (Saturday)
    Brackets will be released on May 16 (Sunday)
    Players will be able to start playing on May 17 (Monday)

    -Double Elimination
    -Anyone can participate
    -No prizes will be awarded, just bragging rights (Might change though)
    -64 Player Limit cap


    After the cut off date to sign up, all the names listed in the tournament will be in a hat and seedings would be based on random. Once the tourney starts and the brackets are set, competitors are to schedule their matches between their opponents on an assigned week. For example, if the tournament started on May 18, you or your opponent will have until May 24 to set up a match that fits both schedules. They can set up their matches during any day and time of the assigned week that seems comfortable for each person's schedule.

    During Matches:

    Before matches, players are allowed to warm up. Warm ups can't take longer than 10 minutes. Spectators and other competitors are allowed to watch the matches, but are needed to immediately top out every time a game starts. Even though it isn't required, it's better to have a witness watch the match. In order to advance, you would need to best your opponent to 10. If the scores end as tiebreakers, such as the score is 9-9, 10-10, you would need to win by 2. Players have the option to have their mics on/off during the match. If your mic is on and you want to speak, keep it clean and friendly.


    No taunting, intimidating or foul mouthing your opponents. If that happens, a warning would be given. If it continues, then a disqualification from the tournament would be enforced.

    If you aren't able to contact, reach your opponent or he/she isn't responding to you during the scheduled week and its the last day to schedule a match, notify me about it and i will try contacting them. If they do not respond to me, they will be disqualified and you would advance to the next round

    Connection/Glitch Problem:

    If you had a bad game, you are able to have a second chance to compete since its double elimination.

    If for some whatever reason the room glitches or competitors get disconnected during a match, the round being played will not counted.

    If both players can't connect with each other, then you are to find a host that will be able start the matches. If you have no one to host, then contact me and i'll host.

    If for some reason you can't finish the match because of an emergency (crisis, family) and stop midway, you are able to stop where your scores are at and resume your match in a later time if your opponent agrees to it.

    If you're interested in joining, you could either post here or message A1R GEAR on either aim or on the Xbox 360. If you have any questions or comments, i'll be happy to listen and respond.

    Participants: (53)
    -A1R GEAR (USA)
    -ADM Rye Bread (USA)
    -Beastinshen (USA)
    -BlinkHD (USA)
    -Boingloing (USA)
    -BrassJunkie (USA)
    -CarelessCroc (GBR)
    -Colourthief (CAN)
    -Cruncholia (CAN)
    -d3lvis (USA)
    -DeadBug369 (USA)
    -Demitri76 (USA)
    -Dumbledors Army (USA)
    -Epic Variable (USA)
    -FSY49 (GBR)
    -GinoMap (USA)
    -IFeArZ No IEviL (USA)
    -Kast98 (USA)
    -kawl1 (USA)
    -KevinDDR (USA)
    -Kitaru (USA)
    -klee310eh (CAN)
    -krisxreyes (USA)
    -james the rook (USA)
    -Makore 360 (ES)
    -Massi4h (NZ)
    -MemnoChnyc (USA)
    -Minatrix (USA)
    -Miss Stress (CAN)
    -Momma Mia 82 (USA)
    -Mr Kram (USA)
    -o Nemeth o (USA)
    -oO CH0c0b0 Oo (CAN)
    -PassNotJ (USA)
    -phaze10 (USA)
    -Revenger J (GBR)
    -Savage Dingo (USA)
    -Sozemane (USA)
    -SpryRapscallion (LUX)
    -STckY bUdz (USA)
    -SubcultureENT (USA)
    -SugaFoot79 (USA)
    -Thig7ish (USA)
    -TxPyroAce (USA)
    -wh0dat1234 (USA)
    -xGSx TheSikOne (USA)
    -xFiLLYZI3LuNTSs (USA)
    -xSFCx Arpeggio (USA)
    -xxnecroxx (USA)
    -Vaialofa (USA)
    -Vital Flaps (CAN)
    -Your Connection (USA)
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  2. Looks like some tough competition, but sign me up!
  3. I can't participate, as I don't have a 360. However, might I suggest using a site called Challonge to do the brackets? It's pretty slick.
  4. awesome budster. thanks your suggestion, i'll probably consider using it. thanks
  5. Challonge looks pretty good.
  6. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Hi a1r gear, welcome back; it's been a while :).

    You can put me down as a definite maybe. I'd really like to take part, but unfortunately I'm too much of a cheapass to have a gold account on xbox live. I'm extremely tempted to get a couple months of gold, just for this tournament (I wouldn't play anything else online), but seeing as I'm a complete noob with only a few hours experience, if it looks like I'm going to be completely humiliated I may just sit this one out.

    I'll confirm if I'm going to be taking part a bit closer to the day, but either way, thanks for taking the effort to organise this, and thanks for considering us non-US folks :D
  7. Yeah man it feels great to be back. it's nice to see you again. = )

    You're absolutely welcome edo and i appreciate your interest in the tournament. I have 2 codes that give you 2 free months of xbox live if you want. I already have a 12 month xbox gold live subscription already and i'm not planning on using it so you could have it.
  8. Muf


    What's with the 1 in the name though? It's not like "Air Gear" was already taken..?
  9. It doubles as his XBLA gamertag.
  10. when i changed my xbox live gamertag from r0ckurw0rld to a1r gear, i believe it was already taken. So i decided to put the 1 instead of an I and it worked.
  11. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Wow, that's really generous of you a1r gear, and I'll be happy to take you up on that offer! You can also change me from a maybe to a definitely will take part. In the meantime, I'll have to see what I can do about improving my skills- anyone up for some casual matches with me?

    Oh, before I forget, my xbox live gamertag is FSY49.
  12. I keep forgetting to post. :x I'll possibly be taking part in this. I need to remember to buy a Live card some time... or look into using my debit card without auto-resubscribe.

    Gamertag: Kitaru
  13. Only 3 representing TC. I know there's more
  14. Updates:

    -Brackets will be released on May 16
    -Players will be able to start their matches on May 17
    -If i'm not available to host any matches at the time, you can either ask Vital Flaps or Your Connection to host your match

    I'm still unsure about live streaming off a couple of the matches. Although if implemented, you have the choice of deciding on whether you want to be recorded or not.
  15. last day to sign up!
  16. Will this be done by July 25? If so, sign me up!
  17. yup it'll probably be done before july
  18. thanks to Budster for offering help on the tournament bracket website. anyways, here it is:
  19. Last day to play your first round matches before being sent into the loser's bracket are on may 24th. That includes Kitaru and KevinDDR
  20. If all goes well I should be playing on the 22nd. Looking forward to it!

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