ТЕТРИС SEMIPRO-68k gameplay video

Thread in 'Discussion' started by necrosaro, 17 Dec 2009.

  1. Over the summer I was doing a bit of research on Tetris history, and I was looking for a video showing what the "ТЕТРИС SEMIPRO-68k" game (the first variant with implement 20g) looked like. I couldn't find any out there so I grabbed the ROM myself, fired up an emulator and recorded a little video.

    Not the best video - it's pretty short, and judging from the "time" counter I think the recording is much quicker than it actually played. I'm sure there were lots of dropped frames on my cpu-maxed cheap netbook. But it should give you a general sense of what this unique moment in Tetris history was like, for those who might be curious (but not curious enough to fire up the ROM themselves).
  2. Muf


    That's a pretty short vid!

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