Records: [Tetris Party] Marathon Best Time

Thread in 'Competition' started by caffeine, 21 Oct 2008.

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    caffeine               4'44"36   2008-10-20
    Post your Marathon Best Time found on Records > Personal Records > Single Player > Marathon Endless OFF > Type > Time. You must start on level one.
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    Billmaan       5'53"63 2008-10-21
    Not great, but good enough for 21st worldwide and 2nd in the US on the (sparsely populated) leaderboards.

    caffeine, I didn't notice your time on there; if you have wi-fi access, you should register the score online. You'd be in 2nd worldwide (first is 4'23"2B).
  3. WTF? [​IMG]

    What leaderboards? Tell me now! How did I miss this?

    EDIT: Local play?? That's reeeaal obvious. Okay, this thread is useless now. Locking...

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