Tetris Party for WiiWare (out now).

Thread in 'Discussion' started by lee n, 11 Mar 2008.

  1. I found better screens.

  2. gila

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    looks very nice. now if only it had tgm rotation and tgm "look" [​IMG]
  3. oh HELL yes. SRS be damned, I've been itching for a wii tetris game, if only so I can sit back in my big comfy chair instead of hunched over my keyboard. Online multiplayer is a huge plus, too.
  4. This is Tetris Online btw, 6 players over Nintendo WFC. And Hudson is going to release this game worldwide.

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    This looks really awesome so far. The thing I wanted to hear the most was a global release. [​IMG]
  6. kesiev

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    Quote. Quote. HELL, yes! In italy I can't buy (or can't find [​IMG] ) Tetris Splash on XBLA.


    Do you think that it will have some sort of 20G mode?
  7. 20G ? Doubt it. Something like TDS level 18? Probably
  8. kesiev

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    Something like "starting level: 20 + unlimited play" settings on NDS will suffice for having a bit of fun. I'll wait and see.
  9. At least the skin looks less jarring than Splash...
  10. I noticed that they're using different block graphics for the active piece (and previews) than the locked pieces in the field. Looks kinda weird.
  11. Another Wii ware title called Lonpos that's almost-kinda-sorta Tetris related (if you're familiar with the heritage).

  12. tepples

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    Nintendo has done this in the past with Tetris & Dr. Mario (SNES), Tetris Blast (GB), and The New Tetris (N64).
  13. With the wallkicks in SRS, and the move-reset lock delay a 20G mode is pretty redundant.

    Still, looks really nice. I may have to get a Wii...
  14. anyone know we can use the Wii fighting stick on this? it's not a great stick but it's still fun to use.
  15. They haven't really said anything about the control methods yet.. but if it supports the classic controller, then the Wii Fighting Stick from Hori will work.
  16. PacoDG

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    Lee N, are you translating this yourself or do you have another source?

    (I am running this through an online pdf translator, but it is taking forever.. so far 5 minutes have passed)
  17. PacoDG

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    Ah, found other sources for info on this:

    In continuation of a trend that has seen Tetris being released on just about every videogaming format ever, Hudson Soft has confirmed that it is bringing the falling-block puzzler to Nintendos WiiWare service to Japan this summer. There arent many details at the moment, although an online mode for up to six players will be included.

    From the first two screenshots we can deduce that your Mii will represent players online, and is that a co-operative mode with an extra-wide playing area that we spy in the second image? The fact that there is only one set of statistics (Time, Score, Lines, Level etc.) make us think that it may be so.

    - Nintendic

    Generally regarded as one of the greatest videogames of all time, Tetris has just been confirmed as a WiiWare release.

    The most exciting aspect of this update is the ability to play online against people all over the world; according to the Japanese press release up to 6 people can participate in block-based multiplayer madness, which makes us very happy indeed.

    The controls are also getting an upgrade to make the most of the Wiis unique motion sensing technology, but we would imagine the standard d-pad control is available too. However, we have to admit that the allure of playing motion-sensitive Tetris is considerable.

    The game is being produced by Hudson in conjunction with The Tetris Company. The release date is Summer 2008

    - VC-Reviews

    March 11, 2008 - Wii Ware hasn't even started yet, but the download service's lineup is already filling up. The latest game announcement comes our way from Japan, where Hudson and Tetris Online have just announced a version of Tetris for the service.

    Titled simply "Tetris," the Wii Ware version of the original falling blocks puzzler will feature online support, allowing up to six players from around the world to face off. On top of the classic Tetris gameplay, expect Wiimote-based pointer and motion controls and a mode of play where players have to contend with obstacles.

    A Japanese release through Hudson is planned for this Summer. Internationally, the game will be released simultaneously through Tetris Online. Pricing has yet to be announced.

    Hudson and Tetris Online are aiming for one million downloads worldwide.


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    I'm so hyped up for this release. With the Wii's widespread global success and this game's global connectivity, the multiplayer will surely be an evolution of the level of competition on TDS. I wouldn't even give a damn if the singleplayer modes suck. Guideline singleplayer will never be as good as that of TGM or as the custom modes we come up with. As long as they don't botch up the multiplayer aspect, this will be a must have for me.
  19. I did, yes.. but my japanese is less than awesome.

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