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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Wojtek, 6 Jul 2011.

  1. Hello, as you know TOJ got closed but good news is that I have my own server which I have made while ago.


    There are over 20k registered accounts. At good time there are over 50 users in multiplayer mode.
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  2. I like this very much.

    If this does turn into a list of players, mine is Aaron. I probably won't be on that much because it involves pulling out the old PC, but if you really want to play we can. :)
  3. How old is your Mac? You might be able to run it in VirtualBox.
  4. not much interest, but i hope you will forgive me some bump. :\

    we recently supper-passed 10k registered users. most of users are from japan, taiwan, china and chile.

    also recently i have added some leaderboards: http://tetrisonline.pl/top/rankings.php
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  5. Ai


    Sprint Mode all-time leaderboard
    pos	name	time	lpm	replay
    1	mAnCo	16.983	141.31778837661	 
    Do you think this time and all those times near 20 seconds are legit?
  6. there is no way it's legit.
    however those 22.x and 23.x times are most likely legit (most of them are made by one korean guy who has lot of accounts, lol).

    currently i don't have convienient way to delete hacked scores, and i think it's kinda waste of time to do it while making new ones is still possible. but how single player modes work on toj allows to add few checks that will prevent most of ways to cheat, so this is what i want to do first before removing suspicious scores.

    everything is still "work in progress".
  7. Key


    Even though I haven't played multiplayer tetris for a while already, I really appreciate your effort on TOP (my favorite multiplayer game was TOJ). :)
  8. i added some cheat checks for single player modes and removed suspicious entires, sorry it took so long.

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