Tournament: Tetris Friends Tournament With Prizes

Thread in 'Competition' started by Blink, 20 Nov 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I'd like to invite the TC community to participate in an upcoming tournament with some cool prizes.
    You don't have to sign up as a member of Hard Drop to participate or anything.

    There's no entry fee, and here is the prize list:


    1st – iPod Touch, Autographed Alexey Pajitnov Tetris T-Shirt, Tetris Party Deluxe Wii
    2nd - Tetris Party Deluxe DS/DSi, Autographed Alexey Pajitnov Tetris T-Shirt
    3rd - Autographed Alexey Pajitnov Tetris T-Shirt
    Top Eight Finalists: Tetris 25th Anniversary Flash Drives
    Random Giveaways: 1 Tetris Party Deluxe Wii, 1 Tetris Party Deluxe DS/DSi is the registration form.

    So far there's a ton of strong players, and big names. If you guys would like to join in it would only add to the list of big names. Okay, hope to see you guys there.

    *EDIT* if the site is down for you try again in a few hours, I just changed the DNS servers today.
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  2. I would have registered but, playing time will be 1AM to 3AM for me so I can't lol
  3. Get keen guys. Show that TC has strength in multiplayer when we can be bothered playing, and not just TGM ;)
  4. I would have happily participated even though I never played on tetrisfriend but I really can't since I work on saturday and monday mornings T_T
  5. Apparently it doesn't matter hugely if you need to play the matches a few hours earlier than the allocated time slot.
  6. Yeah, it is possible reschedule your match if both you and your opponent agree on a time prior to the designated time. I would say be prepared to play at the default times incase your opponent doesn't contact you or want to.
  7. I'd probably struggle to make 8pm PST and be awake enough to play well, though I can do 5pm without a huge amount of trouble if I really have to (or I wouldn't have signed up).

    Really though, for someone in the US I don't see why 2pm PST wouldn't be an issue on a weekend, and it'd make it comfortably late-evening for Europeans.

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