Tetris Elements on a widescreen monitor?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Prochnow, 9 Jun 2009.

  1. Prochnow

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    Tetris Elements runs at a 800x600 resoultion, so it's very annoying to play it on a widescreen monitor (1280x800 laptop).

    Does anybody know how to change that resolution or how to start Tetris Elements in windowed mode (800x600)? I already tried a lot, and nothing worked... -.-
  2. Depending on your graphics drivers on your laptop, there should be a setting for maintaining the correct aspect ratio when running stuff in fullscreen on your laptop.
  3. Prochnow

    Prochnow Unregistered

    Yes, found it! Thanks a lot!

    Click on Desktop --> ATI Catalyst Controll Centre.
    Preferences of Notebook-Display --> Keep Aspect Ratio. (Re-Translated from German)

    But the best thing is: This works with Tetris Online Japan as well, I can now use the fullscreen mode! OMG! <3

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