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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 30 Oct 2010.

  1. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Time to dust off your TDS cartridges, reconfigure your wireless routers, and brush up on your t-spins! A champion will be crowned! Unlike a lot of previous tournaments which fell flat because too many people dropped out, I'll be running things a little differently:

    By signing up, you will NOT be commiting yourself to play certain people at certain times; you can play as often or as infrequently as you wish, and you can join at any time. All you need to do is agree with your opponent beforehand that you want to play a match for the championship, and then report the result in this thread.

    So what are you waiting for people?!?! Share your Friend Codes and let's get this show on the road! As a suggestion for arranging matches, I think IRC will be convenient for most people. We can use a temporary channel on quakenet, such as #tetrisds. For those of us who aren't regular IRC users and don't have a client, here's a link to a web client; simply choose a nickname for yourself and click "join chat".

    The Rules
    • All games will be played with Handicap 3.
    • A match will consist of at most 8 games. If at any point, either player has won 5 games, that player wins the match. If after all 8 games have been played, the score is tied 4-4, the match is a draw.
    • Players can play multiple matches against the same opponent.
    • Depending on the match results, players will be rated according to the Glicko system, with ratings being updated every Thursday when I get back from the pub in the evening.
    • Players will start with a rating of 1500, and a ratings deviation (RD) of 350.
    • After the ratings have been updated for the final time on Thursday 23rd December, the 4 highest rated, active*, available players will be notified and will then compete directly for the championship title over the course of the next 2 weeks, at their convenience. This will be the only time that any players will be required to play matches within a set timeframe; hopefully, this will be Christmas break for most people, and won't be a problem.
    • The top 4 will compete in a straight knockout, with the highest ranked playing the 4th highest, and 2nd highest ranked playing the 3rd highest. The winners will then play each other for 1st and 2nd place, and the two losers will play each other for 3rd place. Matches in the finals and semi-finals will be first to 11 wins, or if tied at 10-10, first to go ahead by 2 wins.
    • If we get a lot of active participants, the players will be divided into tiers, with the 4 top rated players in each tier then competing to be champion of their tier.
    • If one of the top 4 is not available to compete during the final 2 weeks, the opportunity will pass to the next highest rated, active*, available player.
    * "Active" players must play frequently enough to have a suitably low (yet to be determined) RD. This is to stop high rated players from refusing to play games in order to avoid the risk of having their rating drop.

    The Players
    • iphys 372367-488890
    • Blink 064591-042154
    • jujube 410542-160882
    • Kevcel 760848-365391
    • Rosti LFC 700344-735382
    • Kitaru 744644-433903
    • Edo/FSY49 930223-412340
    • Caithness 414557-765012
    • colour thief 749298-371115
    • Budster 424992-683214
    • mufunyo 927838-016924
    • match recorder 140002-809614
    The Current Standings (rating/RD)
    • Blink 1877/194
    • Kevcel 1751/195
    • Colour Thief 1563/196
    • Jujube 1543/239
    • Caithness 1473/157
    • Kitaru 1315/202
    • Edo 1182/163
    • Muf 1123/257
    I'm hoping that most players will really enjoy the ups and downs of competing, and working hard to improve their rating; it really can be thrilling to win as the underdog and watch your rating skyrocket! If there's enough interest, I'm quite happy to continue updating people's ratings after the championship is over; that way we can maintain sort of a ranked leaderboard for vs. play, similar to the way we have a singleplayer TGM1 leaderboard.
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  2. Muf


    I thought #tetrisconcept was founded for exactly this sort of purpose?

    Anyway, I'm probably in if I can get my WFC dongle back from my friend within a reasonable timeframe.
  3. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    I was hoping to get a few people interested over at harddrop, and thought that they'd be more inclined to take part if they didn't have to lurk in a channel that they despised the name of.
  4. Muf


    Haha, fair enough I guess. I thought most people were over that petty rivalry (apart from caffeine, who still appears to hold a grudge to this day).
  5. Do we sign up in this thread as well?

    If so, my friend code is 414557-765012
  6. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    And the first match of the championship has been played!

    Caithness 5-2 Edo

    Assuming Caithness and I play no more matches this week, Caith's rating will go up to 1662, and mine will go down to 1338, and both our RD's will drop to 290.
  7. Muf


    My friend code is 927838-016924.

    I'm also experimenting with a match recording setup, and its friend code is 140002-809614.
  8. Am considering playing, but I can't play any matches until mid to late December. I'd have to re-jig my router security too :p
  9. Ai


    I'll think about joining, but I doubt I'll participate. Anyway good luck everyone!
  10. Cool, I will play some matches.
    My friend code = 760848 365391
  11. I won against Edo 5-3. ggs.

    To be honest: I thought it would be an easy victory, especially when I had a 3-0 lead.
    But Edo pulled off some good games and came back to 3-3. After which I managed to win the next 2 games and claim victory.
  12. Here's my code: 749298 371115

    Bring it!!
  13. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    I should probably start playing this again, and turn on my other WiFi hub. I'll add my friend code here when I get it.

  14. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Thanks for signing up colour_thief!

    I got back from the pub just a few minutes ago actually, but I figure I may as well wait a bit and update the scores at exactly midnight. So, if anyone wants to squeeze in a game before the first ratings update, you'd better be quick!

    Wow, and DeHackEd too! Thanks for showing interest everybody :)
  15. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Okay, I just played a quick match against Caith, and we played to a draw. Good games!

    Now, I've just carried out the calculations, and the new rating/RD's for those players that have played so far are:

    Kevcel: 1662/290
    Caithness: 1624/253
    Edo: 1300/228
  16. 424992-683214
  17. Kevcel vs Caithness: 5-0

    Come on, Caith. You can do so much better; more practice! :\
  18. Kevcel vs Kitaru: 5-0

    'not to be cocky'
    expected result and we both agree on that that, I guess ;)
  19. Hey guys, I have Thursday off work, does anyone think they could play some games that day?
  20. Blink over Caithness 5-1

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