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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Simba, 29 Jan 2014.

  1. Nobody?
    While waiting, I've found another way to mess with my SNES Emulator, in my search for good opponents... new hack video -> http://youtu.be/vw8hwHtNHRw
    The garbage on my screen will raise at random intervals of time :biggrin: For a bit more aggressive opponent.
  2. Hi there Mattia.

    I saw your post a while back but never got around to replying (I am a bit of a shocker like that). I am just about to finish work for the night, so I say lets have some battles on SNES Tetris :D

    Drop me a PM or meet me in the TC chatroom in the next 30 to 40min and I will happily play you for a few dozen rounds ^^

    - Jono
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  3. Ok, I've sent you a PM!
  4. What time zone are you in?
  5. Well, we tried to establish a connection for about 2 hours; and still had no luck :\
    Not sure if you mean me or not, but mine is: Australian Eastern Time Zone (UTC+10:00).

    - Jono
  6. Yeah I did mean Mattia. On the internet it's kind of important to know when you might want to play haha
  7. I'm in Central European Time, from Italy - I'm kinda free from commitments these days so it should not be a great problem for me.
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  8. Quick guide on how to make Netplay working on Z-Net

    1)Follow the download links and get Z-Net and Zsnes emulator version 1.42 (the first file from the site)
    2)I had problems from my third-part firewall, so I uninstalled it and switched back to Windows Firewall (reboot needed)
    3)Port forwarding
    To do this (must be done only once) both players have to change the settings of their own router's firewall, not Windows Firewall settings! (all you need to do with Windows Firewall is to click the "Allow" box when prompted, when connection starts).
    Port forwarding' details change for every router, but the things to do are always the same: find a way to access the router's web page (use google with your router's name, and you'll get an address like 178.45.25 - random numbers, do not try! - to put on your browser address bar. When you get there, find a way to add ports 7845 and 4000 (both TCP and UDP) and associate them to the local ip address of the computer you're using -you can find it on your Zsnes screen, or using cmd.exe, typing ipconfig and looking for the IPv4 Address voice, do not use the one given by sites like http://www.whatismyip.com/
    4)Now the hard part is done, just run the Z-Net with Zsnes emulator closed (it will load automatically), create/join the room and make sure the "Use UDP" box is checked.

    5)A last idea to reduce lag: both players should try to be server, to see who can run the game faster.
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  10. We had some good level 9 matches :D Now I need to upload the guide, since both player need to do port forwarding to reduce lag.
  11. I'm not surprised with the lag - every emulator netplay system I've used has been laggy as hell. I had some OK games of Death VS and Doubles with DIGITAL back in the day on Kaillera, but for the most part it would be borderline unplayable. I feel it's just a fundamental issue with how the netplay needs to function to keep the emulators in sync.
  12. Actually in Jono's video I see lag only on my screen' side, so it seems quite playable to me. And I had no lag at all!
  13. Up. I'm free for some games this weekend, someone wants to play?
  14. Sorry Simba, I would love to but I have an unfeasibly ridiculously training schedule for the next couple of months - if only Tetris was a paid profession....

    - Jono
  15. Yes, I've figured it :) I didn't want to distract you from your awesome speedruns; our versions are too much different and I did not have time to practice Blockbox either. Congratulations for your last TV interview, by the way!

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