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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 10 Jun 2009.

  1. I've been playing this for about a month, getting 400k+ pretty consistently, and a few level 29 runs... Still trying to break 500k.

    I was wondering. Does anyone have any information on how the randomizer works? Every time I get a good game going, it seems to intentionally try and kill me :V

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  2. No clue on the randomizer, haven't picked it apart yet. I just know it's gnarly compared to NES!

    Here is my latest effort, played at Game Center:

    I guess that's 30X lines now, then. I don't remember how many exactly, but it can't have been much more than 301 or 302.
  3. Pretty sure it's straight-up memoryless.
  4. Everyone thought that GB Tetris was memoryless, but it turned out to just be really buggy. If it is memoryless, I have other questions, such as:

    • What PRNG algorithm is being used?
    • Does player entropy effect PRNG state?
    • How is PRNG being seeded?

    There are some strange things that I've noticed about this game, after playing it every morning for a month. Sometimes the piece distribution is pretty fair and uniform, and other times its total garbage for a long string of games. Answering those questions may lead to insight, which could possibly give the player an advantage.
  5. I think SNES is going to prove easier to max out (for me) than NES. In SNES, my goal is a double max out in both lines and points: 999,999 points at 999 lines. I am very glad to see the new record! Now I can start playing this again :D
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  6. Doin' some practice for the tourney this weekend and got something halfway decent out of it. 428,063 @ 305 lines. When I look at the Z/S/I ratio, I suppose I should be happy I got that much out of the run.
  7. @BDcowe- well done sir! you may get me back into playing this one as well.

    i assume (and upon verification my suspicions were correct) that you are you from the midwest since i have noticed most of the midwest guys are bigger into SNES tetris than most. if my observation is true, why is that?
  8. 'Cause that's how we do!


    Really, though, it has to do with the tournaments(s) out this-a-way. At MGC, and now Geek.Kon, the qualifying is done on the NES and the tournament is head-to-head on the SNES. Those formats are subject to change, I'm sure, but that's how it's goin' down right now.

    The head-to-head is pretty cool. It's slower and such, but it provides a certain level of "fairness," in that the competitors get the same pieces. Seems like as good a solution as any to me.

    Also, yes, I'm from MI. B)

    ...and, thank you!
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  9. Personally, I like playing SNES because once in a while I enjoy playing a version of Tetris that is NOT possessed by a demon ( :twisted: <--NES)
  10. Josh...if you believe that your NES cart is more possessed than your SNES cart, you need a damned exorcism, post haste! :p
  11. Yeah, I would have guessed they used the SNES version just so there would be a more "straight up" versus competiton - head to head with the same blocks. It's really too bad that the NES version didn't have that. It's also too bad that the SNES version wasn't just the NES version with that added - instead, it has awful sound and color, in comparison.

    The potential downside of the Classic Tetris World Championship type tournament is one player gets fabulous block drops and another gets hit hard with lots of S and Z blocks, since players each play a separate game.
  12. someone told me yesterday that there actually exists in the coding of NES tetris a two player version they tried to toy with but couldnt get going. anyone know any more about this?
  13. I actually made a game genie code that forces the game into 2 player mode:


    And there are a couple of different versions of Tetris Zero floating around out there which is a "finished" product of NES Tetris with 2 player option (someone took the time to polish it up). Google "Tetris Zero"!
  14. Yeah, I think it's memory location $BE or thereabouts that holds the flag to determine whether it's single player or versus. There is a Game Genie code that forces it on.

    EDIT: Whoops, too slow. :p Thanks Josh. :)
  15. bump... we should update the leaderboard on this one :)
  16. yeah, i wanna see my name on another leader board! amen.
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  18. Sweet! I have a SNES Powerpak. Can you PM the info? I'd love to try it out.
  19. Try this link and let me know if it works:

    ROM file
  20. Tried this last night. I started on level 9 and the colors stopped changing after level 12. Also when I got to level 20 the colors changed to black and white. Can you change sound effects to NES? SNES sounds are nails on chalkboard to my ears.

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