Records: Tetris & Dr. Mario (Mode A)

Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 10 Jun 2009.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Just to convince c_t that I was not joking about my 328, because maybe one day, he would wonder if I was honnest.


    Best performance on youtube, Spectre at 347 lines :

    Mode A : max number of lines :
    1 : Joshua L. Tolles------397 lines
    2 : Spectre---------------376 lines
    3 : BDCowe----------------341 lines
    4 : BenMullen-------------329 lines
    5 : Amnesia---------------328 lines---PAL
    6 : thoosaa---------------309 lines
    7 : Simba-----------------305 lines
    8 : Edo-------------------302 lines
    9 : Kitaru----------------30X lines
    10: wasmachstdugern-------298 lines
    10: Stiban----------------298 lines
    12: boblaze---------------296 lines
    13: Sy--------------------293 lines
    14: Cheston---------------292 lines
    15: cleure----------------292 lines
    16: colour_thief----------29X lines
    17: Galochon--------------196 lines
    18: deepshock-------------094 lines

    Mode A : max points
    1 : BenMullen-----------732.465 pts---296 lines
    2 : Joshua L. Tolles----717.279 pts---397 lines
    3 : Edo-----------------656.515 pts---302 lines
    4 : Stiban--------------620.471 pts---274 lines
    5 : thoosaa-------------618.168 pts---309 lines
    6 : Simba---------------616.245 pts---297 lines
    7 : boblaze-------------608.643 pts---296 lines
    8 : M.Bison-------------601.976 pts---290 lines
    9 : Spectre-------------587.330 pts---376 lines
    10: BDCowe--------------556.492 pts---317 lines
    11: Amnesia-------------555.382 pts---270 lines---PAL
    12: Kitaru--------------544.880 pts---30X lines
    13: cleure--------------496.192 pts---??? lines
    14: Cheston-------------468.494 pts---235 lines
    15: wasmachstdugern:----415.442 pts---293 lines
    16: deepshock-----------033.994 pts---094 lines
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  2. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario


    Level 19-28 are much more relaxed here than on NES, -- not easy, but not as stressing -- but I see Level 29 is still a huge bitch.
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    I should not but here is the best strategy (easy to guess I think)
    You have to think exactely opposited to TGM : during the 280-290 section, you have to empty the center of the stack and prepare very high wings, try to be as high as possible on the 1-2-9-10th row when you are at 289.

    ofcourse I have not added your points on the points leaderboard because I guess you were not trying for a best score performance.
  4. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    Right, I use a similar stacking strategy on NES sometimes.

    Also yeah I was more concerned with passing levels 19-28 than I was with getting tetrises during this time.
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    I will find the photo later but I think my 550k has been done in dying around 270-280.
  6. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    so... My roomate got 2.97 million in Dr. mario for NES starting on level 20 speed high... fun fact. I'll post phto proof soon
  7. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    Ben, are you able to record videos? If so, it would be nice to see 2 good players playing Mixed Match...
  8. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    In Dr. ario

    Yeah... I'm no John Byram (my roomate) when it come to dr. mario. But i fancy myself as pretty darn good head to head! do you mean video recording head to head dr. mario challenges?
  9. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    AMnesia.... you should submit to Twin galaxies... they are need of an improvment
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    I hate them, they are just bullshit for me.
    I can't describe what I think about their shitty concept of record guiness.

    I attended to one of their contest on TGM1.

    Ofcourse I gave the best score of the groupe with a GM around 11:00.
    And the second best player after me was only S2.
    they was able to watch the inp, I also proposed them to watch some other video I had on youtube about TGM2.
    And they simply rejected my score because I was not using exactely the version of MAME they wanted me to use.
    And at the end of the story they officially announced that the winner and the strongest known player was this poor S2 guy.

    They suck, they are just amator guys. If they were a bit intelligent they would have noticed that there is a strong and huge community of TGM and would have admited that this contest had no sens.
    But instead they prefered to ignore my presence and what I was trying to explain to them.

    (edit : updated 1st post with a photo of the 550K)
  11. COL


    Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    How many games are reviewed on their website? Thousands? They simply CANNOT be aware of every detail of every game, nor every community of hardcore gamers. To keep things "official", they have set precise rules, and expect everyone to follow them; what's the matter with that? From their point of view their reaction is logical: some guy send a legit video, and another didn't while bragging all around and claiming he can do 5 times better: of course they choose the "legit" guy.

    The "rules are rules" concept of records makes sense to me. (No need to explain me that many scores on TG are bogus, I already know it...)
  12. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    reminds me the story about that girl that had beaten the nes tetris world record on twin galaxie.
    I first thought "wow" then thought "why won't you give it a try ?" and after beating her record on my first attempt thought "okay, bulls*** site"
  13. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

  14. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    lets make a "hating on TG thread"
  15. Muf


    Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

  16. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    What about divvying the responsibility of officiality to that game's community?

    i.e. for game x, ask community x to be the judge/set rules.
  17. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    It would make sense to at least consult the community around a game before making strange decisions. Disabling score-based extra lives in a game where suiciding is a crucial scoring and difficulty control strategy? Playing for a score in a game played for time? *sigh*
  18. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    so... I've never played SNES Tetris but I'm getting it as a Christmas gift in december... I've watched a few videosand looked at scoring charts; It seems like 390 is very much possible in this game in terms of lines and as such it also seems that a maxout would therefore be significantly easier than on NES... Am I incorrect in this? I know that the post level 29 play is hard than NES level 19, but i looks survivable, although a good number of great players do still die right then and there... do i stand a chance at 390 at all? does anyone?
  19. Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    It _would_ be an easier max-out... but then the level multiplier in the score formula has to go and max out at 10! That's right, you don't get any extra points for higher levels after 9.

    Level 29 is a lot more playable here, but it is still damn stiff! If you haven't already, check out DanZ's YouTube for his Tetris + Dr. Mario stuff. He has one video where he gets ~350 lines.
  20. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario


    Does he play on snes ?? Emulator ? Are we sure that he doesn't use a rapidfire on the LEFT and RIGHT inputs ?

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