Tetris Concept is Retiring (just kidding)

Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 23 Jun 2009.

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    I find this statement to be offensive. It wouldn't be much of a hobby for you without the contributions of all the members and the dedicated efforts of some particular few. They've contributed in their free time. It has personal meaning to them. That's as much or more "the point of it" as any personal feelings you yourself hold.

    I accept that the effort and work that goes into administering such a site is indeed work, and it is appreciated. I also believe that this does not spell "doom" for the community that resides here. But it is a wrong thing.

    You are taking from these people the very thing you don't want taken from yourself.
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    Man, this is out of the blue. I don't really know exactly how to reply to this thread. I want to thank Caffeine for all the work he has put into this forum and I hope you everything goes well for you. If Tetris tournaments ever gets big in America I hope to see you at one. Whatever happens I will be happy to help the community, even if we move to a new site. Without TC I wouldn't have ever have known about Tetris Grand Master or even a quarter of what I know now about SRS or what SRS stands for.

    It will be sad to see TC go, but if we need to make a new site then I will be there the moment it comes up. If Caffeine is willing to link people to a new site, then hopefully things go well. I dunno, I just hope everything goes well, this is definitely one of the nicest forums I have been on and one with a good deal of information. Not to mention one of the only Tetris forums so it is the best by quality and default.

    Man, this has come so sudden it feels like Caffeine has fast dropped all this on us and it has left everyone's head t-spinning. (I am no good at word play, but I enjoy it too much).
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    caffeine can you just give up the dumps god damn they're right there and what the fuck man just let us handle the info not some more-retarded version of wikipedia

    alternatively: delete everything and laugh
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    no but really hand that shit over B)
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    If the new site is called TspinConcept.com then we can continue to use the initials TC....

    Just a thought.
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    Speaking as someone new to the game, and mostly tied to it through colour_thief, I find the thought of the site I've just started to use--the community I've just started to meet--being tossed because the originator thinks it 'belongs' to him very upsetting. As others have said, this community may have been your creation, but it isn't your property, any more than children are the property of their parents. Be proud of what you started, and let someone else take the reins. I promise I'd keep strict eyes on ct if you gave it to him, to make sure he didn't let the site get dragged under by spam bots and romz.

    Think of this: I'm not part of the arika channel, and probably never will be. I don't play a lot, but I'm motivated by the presence of this website, and others to 'compete' (from the bottom of the table) with. To suddenly be confronted with a dead link or even a redirect could easily put me off entirely. I fail to make the transition, and suddenly I'm not a player of Tetris anymore. If ct hadn't given me the news, that's exactly what would have happened. And it will happen to countless others.

    In short, caffeine, think of the n00bs! [​IMG]
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    No, the community of course does not belong to me. That's outrageous, but it's even more outrageous to say that the community will cease to exist without TC. The community is a group of people, TC is a website, and the community is not TC. That is why I'm totally willing to link to anyone's new fan site.

    And to everyone else, stop acting like we'll no longer be able to see old TC content. People have already offered to archive in read-only form. And there's always the Way Back Machine. If you want to still have some place to hang out at, you need to make a new site. It takes less than an hour to install phpbb3 and email me the URL.
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    That's part of what's unclear. What would you need to provide in order to set up a read-only archive of a phpBB 3 forum? With internal links from post to post working? With inbound links working?
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    It'd take less than ten minutes to transfer the website over to someone else.

    Caffeine, we're not saying that the community is going to die. We're saying that it's going to take a large and needless hit to it's growth, and to it's population. It won't kill the community, but it'll seriously damage it's future, for the next 12 months or so at least.
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    Archives being read-only is exactly why they won't get browsed, especially by new members. The way back machine is spotty at best.

    Your arguments are invalid to people for the same reason theirs are invalid to you. If this site is just a URL and phpbb3 to you, then there's no reason for you to be so attached to it. So what is it you are attached to? Spambusting duties and paying bills? I doubt it. What you are attached to is the same thing that the "community" is attached to. This site is not "the community" but it is its home. And you are evicting it, without an honestly justifiable reason.
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    More importantly, what is it you are attached to? You have two posts.
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    Which obviously invalidates the logic of my statements and renders me unfit to hold an opinion.

    Edit: the quoted statement could have been clearer. I didn't mean "what are you so attached to? give it up!", I meant "examine your attachment and you will see why this is a big deal to others".
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    I don't mean to call you illogical. I just smell a smurf... =b
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    Nope, check the BB tournament thread, I'm just new, but I joined up via IRC some days past. I thought I hit the jackpot when I found this site and the people here. Best birthday present ever!
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    Re: Tetris Concept is Retiring

    what a joke
    always thought you had on a good head but looks like i was wrong
    you are just a little immature kid

    oh i'm sorry i didnt realize running a forum could be so tough.

    anyone remember st0rmcat?
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    Right, because I've founded this place and put many hours into making sure it was good means nothing. I don't have the right to let go of my own site? I'm obliged to give it to someone I don't know, and I'm supposed to trust that they'll maintain its good name? No, sorry. You need to earn your own site's reputation. You actually don't even need to do that since I'll directly link to your site! If only it was that easy when I started TC!!! You call me immature because I'm trying to free up some of my time so I can better attend to personal life issues that are none of your business? I think you're being immature for whining so much like this.
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    I'm surprised you'd class the likes of colour_thief in that sort of way.

    And I go to the point before that there won't be any name at all in a year or two if someone doesn't continue to maintain it.

    Maybe there will be for the people who are here right now, but if the new ownership somehow manages to fuck up the forum (though I don't see how they could), then they'll be the people who will remember this place was good before you left, and the new members won't know you had anything to do with it.
    On the other hand, if things go well, you're the guy who started it all.
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    This and also its reverse: you can also be the guy who "ended it all". If you are worried someone else wrecking the site's "good name" you needn't worry, you are on your way to doing a fine job of that without any help.

    You founded it, paid the bills, maintained it, laid down the rules, and surely a number of things I have no knowledge of. You have respect and thanks for that. Do you have the authority to also shut it down? Of course. But that doesn't make it the right thing to do.
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    It's not about me being "the guy who started it all." I'm not here for vanity. What's important here is that if someone isn't even willing to start their own Tetris site out of their own obsessive love of Tetris, they're definitely not suited to just be handed over TC. I'd much rather see someone succeed on their own merit. I believe that that site would be better for it.

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