Tetris Concept is Retiring (just kidding)

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  1. It's been a great four years, and I've learned a lot. But, it's time for me to move on. I've had hoped more fan sites would pop up during my tenure, but unfortunately nothing enduring as TC has. Maybe now that TC is leaving, someone will pick up where I left off? In any case, don't worry about the wiki. Wikia will be absorbing the contents shortly. As for the forums, I'll leave them up for two weeks. If there's something important on the forum, please feel free to load it onto the wiki. You may ask why I don't just let someone else take over. All I can say is that it just wouldn't feel right to me. I'd prefer someone to just start a new site of their own. Once again, it's been an awesome experience here thanks to you guys!
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    Regardless of whether it would feel right, I'd like to offer to take over.
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    Can you at least distribute some sort of backup copy of the forum? I'd be more concerned about the amount of stuff on the forum which would be lost than the wiki itself.

    Would seem that the best solution all round would be for the site to just change administrator.

    Either way, sad day. [​IMG]
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    man, the community that has been build up for years etc etc etc! [​IMG] i really hope you can accept a take-over instead of killing it off and requiring people to start over from scratch =(
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    everything fades.
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    Agreed. In fact I think everyone probably agrees. Probably a dozen or more would be willing to take over, myself included, without actually changing the site in any way.

    This place started out as your own personal blog of sorts and has now grown far beyond that. I appreciate everything you've done to make this happen caffeine, but I think it's a little selfish to make this decision on your own. As a community we turned down Wikia in the past... And now you're stepping in to make the decision for us.

    Are you quitting Tetris? What the block is going on. [​IMG]
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    I find this tough to even comprehend--the TC community is one of the best gaming communities, in fact, one of the best online communities I've been a part of, period.

    Please reconsider and let someone else take up the torch--the community, wiki, forums, everything we already have are far too valuable to just throw away on a whim... =(

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    *looks at date, nope not April 1st.. [​IMG] *

    Why wouldn't it feel right to let somebody else take over? Why would that be any better than leaving all users out in the cold with no other community to go to?
    Just distribute the .sql backup to someone who is willing to take over.. I'm sure many people would love to, myself included. My server is up 24/7 excepting during power failures.

    If not distributing a backup, then I hope you're okay with me using something like Offline Explorer Enterprise to grab and archive the entire site (forums and wiki) and uploading to my own server as a sort of "read-only archive".
    There are too many informative topics and data for it to be lost forever.

    Either way we thank you caffeine for all your time and effort with this site.
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    Ah, memories...
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    Think you could be making it sound a little too snide there.

    But the fact stands that TetrisConcept is more than simply a web site. It's a community. Yes, caffeine, you are ultimately the administrator and you can do whatever you want to the site, but you can't really fight the community has a whole. We are here because we enjoy it here. This place is not only one of the best gaming communities in existence, but it's pretty much the only all-encompassing English Tetris community. There are some which exist for TNET and Cultris, but really this is the only one that covers Tetris in general and not a specific game.

    You can that you wouldn't be comfortable with someone else taking over, but in the end that's what is going to happen anyway. It could have a new domain and a new image, but it's still just going to be TetrisConcept 2. This place is going to carry on pretty much as it is anyway, and I don't think it's helpful for you to force the community to start fresh with a new domain and a new forum. The site will still be the same, but people won't know who it is any more, and it's just causing a lot of inconvenience which is completely unnecessary for the people who decide to take up the reins.

    None of us want to see this site die, and I don't think any of us are going to let it. Least you could do is co-operate and make your stepping down as smooth as possible for the community. I'd imagine that the place won't look the same, given that it's likely that whoever takes over will switch the forum software from phpBB to SMF or vBulletin, but allowing the URL to stay the same would make things massively easier for the future, and would mean we don't potentially lose any new or old members of the community.

    I understand that you've had this site for nearly four years now, and it can't be easy for you to give it up, but I think you should respect the wishes of the community. At the very least, if you're forcing us to move to a new site, you could make tetrisconcept redirect until the domain expires.
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    To be on the safe side I've registered tetrisconcept.net and .org so that we can continue the new site under the same name, even if you're not willing to transfer the domain name or give us any database dumps. I hope you can reconsider so we can do this cooperatively instead.
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    i wonder how large the database is? i have a virtual webserver with 4 gig space and unlimited traffic. (would normally cost me around 30 euros per month, but i got a special "5years of df.eu birthday" version for just 5 euros per month)

    so i am too willing to support hosting of the phpBB forum.
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    This is why I'm leaving the forums up for two weeks. That's plenty of time to put any important information from the forum to the wiki.
    Let's not get overly dramatic. TC may've helped build the community, but the community itself is not TC. There's always #arika, which predates TC, and I totally encourage someone else start a new forum for us guys to hang out at. This is an inconvenience yes, but I'm confident the community will stay in tact.
    As a community we turned down Wikia under the pretense that TC would maintain it anyway. Now that TC is going, something needs to be done to ensure that the information remains on the web for as long as possible. Yes, I'm making this decision for TC to use Wikia. I believe they are the best place for it, and I wouldn't trust anyone else with all we've worked on.
    Don't be rediculous. =b
    I totally encourage you to create a "read-only archive" of the forum, but keep in mind the wiki's only moving domains.
    I'm not sure what you mean by that, but just so you know this isn't about money. In fact, I've payed this years lease already. And thanks again to Report and Jujube for contributing last year!
    I understand you may be mad at me for not making it easier for you guys. If you really do appreciate what I've done with the site over the years and how it's helped a lot of people learn about the game, then please respect my decision. Then again, I guess I can't stop muf from hijacking tetrisconcept's legacy. It's not what I want, and it's silly because only the community is important. The name means nothing. Please come up with your own cool domain name.
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    I'm not mad, I'm just confused to why you're taking the decision to make things difficult. Sure, the core community can survive a move easily, but it won't stop the fact that old members who haven't been on for a while will be lost, and it makes it more difficult for us to get new members, because we've been pushing forward the advertising for TetrisConcept. This is the name people are familiar with now, and it won't do us any favours to switch to a new one.

    There are people who are willing to do all the work during the change of hands, and continue the running and updating of the site. I don't get why you'd refuse that offer. We're happy here, and you're usurping us from our home for what seems to be some sort of trivial personal thing.
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    I've seen this kind of thing happen more than once.

    I implore you, if you are going to leave, LEAVE THE SITE INTACT and let us take over, don't make us drop the Tetrisconcept name, don't dump everyone into #arika, it won't work, and will only hurt the community.
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    That's not entirely true. We have a significant amount of people who only show up every once in a while and if tetrisconcept.com stop working they won't know why or where to turn once they decide to come back.

    I'd be helpful if you could at least forward tetrisconcept.com to the new site for the remainder of the time the domain name is active.
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    I don't care about the name or domain so much as I care about getting the forum moved over intact. I mean all the same people will populate the replacement so what's the issue? Don't make me use my 1 year out of date backup... [​IMG]

    Also can you clarify why you want to do this? From the sounds of things you still want to participate in whatever replacement comes along. If money's not the issue, and the site pretty much runs itself, then what's your motivation for closing it down?
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    I'm quite offended that you consider it a hijack. I don't see why you'd change a winning formula, and nobody's forcing you to close the site. By abandoning it voluntarily you should've expected or at least been prepared for someone else to take over. I also don't see the name "tetrisconcept" in the trademark registry, so I really don't get what the fuss is about changing the name. Consider Report, who visits this site like once a year to post an update to Texmaster. If the domain leads to a dead end, how the hell is he supposed to know that the community moved to a different site with an entirely different name? I think you're being way too selfish with a community that's pretty much autonomous.

    On an unrelated note, please don't quote Rosti under my name, it's confusing.
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