Tetris Championship Trailer

Thread in 'Discussion' started by TetrisMattress, 23 Jul 2010.

  1. This is basically the best video relating to Tetris I've ever seen, haha. Really good promo! I don't even play NES Tetris much but it made me want to go to the tournament. :D Great work!
  2. K


    WTF is this tournament ???

    look's like a bad joke...
  3. SYN7HOR

    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    Great video. Best invitational I've ever seen for such a niched event.

    Anyone from here going?
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Unregistered

  5. Grumpy Jago is grumpy.
  6. Ai


    That's one epic promo! Great job. I hope the event will be successful.
  7. K


    someday, some kid directly plugged on the brain will laugh to old grumpsy fucker as i, using arcade stick... :V
  8. I might go...it's pretty close! Though I don't know if I could stand an entire day of classic tetris...
  9. Sound the alarm, this Grand Master is going to be in attendance. B)
  10. Good luck.
  11. I thought the "Arika! Invisible Tetris!" video is the greatest video relating to Tetris i've ever seen ever.
  12. well, since kevin did the m-roll a lot of time, I guess the video you are referring too isn't impressive to his eyes anymore
  13. That video just makes me very dizzy and my head starts to hurt, remembering the days of blowing off dates to play 8 hours of m-roll.
  14. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Wow. tetris is wonderful and all, but I wouldn't skip out on a date for it unless i really wasn't interested in the person anyway...

    Tetrigasms aren't THAT amazing...
  15. Well, I really got addicted to the m-roll.
  16. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Wow. you must have. If that ever happens to me someone slap me upside the head. :)
  17. Lolz, talk about cheesy. D:

    Hah, blowing off dates? Wow, you must be very popular.
  18. I really wanted the GM! It worked! Of course, in retrospect I wish I'd spent the time better.
  19. Haha, well, I can't say anything against progress. Sounds like you marathon.

    Also, forgot to say, but that was a great video. I was very amused. I like the water Tetris the best.

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